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The Best Spring Crafts For Kids Ages 8-12

This spring crafts for kids ages 8-12 post is sponsored by Nickelodeon.

Setting up a place at home for my kids to craft and live out all their creative endeavors is hugely important to me, but coming up with spring crafts for kids ages 8-12 isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Kids ages 8-12 (my kids ages!) are in this funny spot where they’re not really into kid crafting any longer, but still too young to say build a fireplace. So finding crafts and TV shows for that matter, that hit this age range while allowing them to explore their creativity is huge.

The Best Spring Crafts For Kids Ages 8 12Sunny Day is a new kids show on Nickelodeon that is perfect for this age range.

We’ve come up with 12 great spring crafts for kids ages 8-12, but before we jump into the list, I want to share about the Sunny Day Show. My kids love it, and I love that the show explores creativity + entrepreneurship! Two topics I’m very passionate about my kids learning. It stars a talented 10-year-old named Sunny Day who is a master hairstylist and salon owner. With her friends Rox and Blair and a can-do attitude, Sunny is ready to save the day – one hairdo at a time! Watch Sunny Day weekdays on Nickelodeon.

The best spring crafts for kids ages 8-12The Best Spring Crafts For Kids Ages 8-12

And now onto the list of craft ideas for spring that your 8-12 year old will adore. Seeing as how this is such an important age for building creativity with the kids – even if the craft project isn’t perfect – letting the kids run wild a bit with supplies and their imaginations is always a right decision. It helps to have an organized craft closet, but even if you don’t just grabbing a few simple supplies like paint, pipe cleaners, paper, jars and yarn will be a great start!

1. Making lip gloss is hands down the best idea of spring crafts for kids ages 8-12. Here’s a great tutorial and the girls will LOVE creating something they can use all spring. Plus it smells really pretty which is always a great by product of good crafting.

2. Making dreamcatchers is another easy win with this kid age crowd. We even did it as a birthday party craft idea and everyone had a blast making their own. The steps are simple and the great thing is they are REALLY hard to mess up, it’s a web of yarn that will give any kid a confidence boost they might need this spring.

3, Making garland! Every kid ages 8-12 LOVES garland and being able to hang up a piece of something they created in their own space will make them feel so proud and excited. Follow the instructions below to make your own Sunny Day garland and then keep garland making for all your kid’s favorite shows & bands. Garland is basically a more fun version of the posters we remember. ;)

Spring Crafts Garland For Kids Ages 8-12

Sunny Day Spring Crafts Garland Instructions

To create this Sunny Day garland you will need:

1. Cut the printables out into individual pieces.

2. Use the tape to hand each piece onto the length of yarn.

3. Hang in bedroom and repeat with all the kids favorite charachters and shows, they’ll love showcasing their digital favorites in a concrete way like this.

The Best Crafts For Kids Ages 8-12

Spring Painting Projects For Kids Ages 8-12

4. Painting clear mason jars with nail polish paint is one of our favorite spring crafts for kids. The girls usually end up painting in the jar, painting their nails and then finding other stuff to paint! There’s something about using the nail polish at this age that just makes them thrilled.

5. Making this wooden & brass garland to hang in their bedrooms is a fun painted craft that kids ages 8 12 will love! The project is straightforward enough to be able to do it easily and will give them a final work of art that they’ll be so proud of when the day is through.

6. Since it is spring and we are all dreaming of summer vacations already, have the kids paint their own sea shells! It’s a project that will carry on throughout the season as they build their own little colorful collections and look forward to the spring break/summer vacations ahead!

7. Have them paint a clock for their bedroom. With easy to install clock kits, this type of craft will get them tinkering as well as painting which is great if your thinking of spring crafts for kids ages 8 12 boy style.

Spring Paper Crafts For Kids Ages 8-12

Spring Paper Crafts For Kids Ages 8 12

Crafting with paper is one of the easiest ways to get kids ages 8-12 involved in creative fun! By this age group cutting is second nature, so a stack of paper and some scissors can keep them busy all day! But let’s think beyond the snowflakes for our spring crafts. Here are a few fresh paper craft ideas that are easy to create and your kids will adore.

8. Make a paper succulent garden. This one might take them a day or two to complete, but after it’s done you’ll be wondering when they want to stop making them – they are so fun!

9. Paper bag lanterns are a really great craft project for spring. Now that the nights are getting a little later, the kids can craft these fun paper bags and place them outside as they play through dusk.

10. And just incase you didn’t get enough garland above, this paper straw garland is made with, you guessed it, straws! Its an easy project for when your not really prepared and you want to grab in the drawer for something to get the kids moving with.

11. Another easy spring project that will inspire your kids to not only craft, but also write is making wrapping lined envelopes. They can make and entire stash of these sweet notes in about 20 minutes and will be excited to send letters to grandma and grandpa on their own personalized stationary.

12. And the last of my ideas for easy spring crafts for kids ages 8 12 is to make paper dream worlds! You can go back to our Sunny Day garland idea and have the kids craft and entire set mirrored off their favorite TV show, or make it simple with things like bunny animal heads. I’d give them a stack of cardboard boxes for this idea along with paper, tape, markers and set them free to see what kind of dream world they might create.

Encouraging creativity and taking what the kids see on the screen and making it something even better off the screen is a part of parenting I’m super obsessed about. And if your kids aren’t at this age yet and you are still knee deep in finger paints and Baby Einstein. Just wait the crafting, the TV, the everything gets better as they get older!

Have A Sunny Day!. Watch Sunny Day weekdays on Nickelodeon. For more Sunny Day inspired styles and crafts check out the Style Files on

PS. And incase your kids are older, we did a roundup of the best crafts for teens that you’ll love.

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