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Easy Spring Decor Ideas For Sprucing Up Home

This spring decor ideas post is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Air Wick®.

With spring in full force around here and our major renovations now done for the season (whoohoo!) we are working on the details and the fun spring decor ideas this month. Sprucing up the house for spring is something that will make every room feel fresh and a bit new to you. I’m sharing a few easy ideas for sprucing up the house this season. Little details that won’t take much, but will make ALL the difference in how your house feels to you. Everything from crafting letter boards to create a whimsical feel at home, to making the house smell great with Air Wick®, spring is a time to re-imagine our spaces and it’s amazing how much can change with just a few quick updates.

4 Easy Spring Decor Ideas For The Home

Easy Spring Decor Ideas

1. Prune and share the green

My favorite of the spring decor ideas is to add in plants! Instead of investing in new plants, every spring we like to cut and regrow some of our favorite plants from around the house. It encourages new growth on the plants and spreads more green around the house. This clipping from our massive Fiddle Fig is getting ready to root and be potted to create a second plant for the bathroom. Plus, adding in pretty new vases for these clippings never hurts. Any chance we have to prune and regrow instantly makes the house feels fresher for spring.

2. Line the closets and the house in great smells.

Every spring we empty out our closets and line them with good smelling, pretty drawer liner paper. It is the quickest way to make everything fresh and bright for spring. But no matter how great the paper is, we often still have the lingering mustiness of having the house closed up all winter to deal with.

This spring I grabbed an Air Wick Freshmatic® Ultra from Target to make this problem disappear. It brings a light fresh smell into our house and creates exactly the type of clean and new atmosphere I’m aiming for this time of year. The Freshmatic Ultra looks sleek enough to fit into any home environment and has a turn dial inside to allow you to choose how much fragrance gets pushed into the air. Use a little on the daily or up it when you need it most.

When it comes to fresh feeling air in the house, plants can’t be beat! Although if your thumb is more black than green, including the Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra with its boost of spring scented goodness can make the air at home feel bright for spring with or without the plants involved.

Air Wick has many products that contain natural essential oils sourced from around the world. These scented oils diffuse a long-lasting fragrance that makes it easy to create the atmosphere we desire infused with natural essential oils for natural fragrance. To use the freshener, see directions and simply place in the container and tighten gently by turning. There’s a button under the top cover where you can adjust the flow of the spray and can turn it one and off for when you need it most.

Creative Spring Decor Ideas
3. Create little nods of whimsy around the house.

Whenever we transition the house from one season to the next I like to add in little nods of whimsy around the house, we call these our spring decor ideas. Letter boards are an easy way to do this, check out our favorite Mother’s Day quotes. Having boards with quips on them, or trinkets that make us chuckle bring a lighthearted air to the entire house. Walking into a room and seeing something funny can literally change your mood.

As the seasons change, so does your mood and your home. We work hard to keep our mood bright around here and Air Wick offers a rich palette of fragrances, so we can easily match the perfect scent with the occasion, time of year, or even the joke you are telling.

4. Bringing fresh herbs indoors.

We love to cook with fresh herbs, especially now that spring is coming and our garden has started to grow again. Having herbs on hand not only freshens up our house, but makes meal prep easy. I love to pot basil, rosemary and mint around the kitchen and bring our family meals to life this season. Try placing them in groups on cutting boards or cake stands for a kitchen that feels like new.

Spring Decor Ideas For Living Room
Let’s freshen up this spring! You can grab your own Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra – Starter Kit in Life Scents Summer Delights at Target.

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