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embroidered table

Quite awhile ago I got into the habit of purchasing thrifted furniture and painting it for celebrations (remember the bright pink desk and the purple bar stools). I can often find a great piece of furniture for under ten dollars. Add in a can or two or spray paint and I have an enormous impact on a party space for very little cost or time.

Taken a step further, I recently embroidered bright triangles into our deck table to bring a quick summer lift to the outside. It is the perfect amount of festive for our casual evening gatherings and brings a smile to my face everyday. This is not a project I would do on a nicely purchased piece, but for a cheaply found and painted table it is a really great way to gussy up the everyday and make a big design impact in any space.

To make this embroidered table start with a clean, dry (if you’ve also painted) table. First use a pencil to lightly outline the shapes on your table. Then use a small drill bit to hallow out the corners of your design. Check under the table before beginning to drill to ensure there is no hardware in the way. Once all the holes are drilled, erase your pencil markings and begin threading to create the shapes. I found a simple toothpick to be the perfect needle for this project. Tie the end strings under table to hold into place. Top with food safe varnish if you plan to use the table for more than serving.

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