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Festive emoji cheat sheet

I’m so excited about this festive emoji cheat sheet. I’ve been finding myself using less words and more emoji’s when writing. I’ve started doodling them in my handwritten notes throughout the day and wishing they were avaliable to use – always. Anyone else in the same boat? We even included a couple in the recent party invites we sent out online. Did you know you can use them now in gmail? Emoji’s are definitely becoming part of our daily vocabulary – the characters on this emoji cheat sheet make for a fun way to express all your festive thoughts.

Festive emoji cheat sheet

For all of us who are excited to speak pictorially this party/holiday/fun time emoji cheat sheet is filled with ideas to get your feelings into graphics. Like fonts but better! From the Luck of the Irish to spring fling, these combinations will immediately take your festive posts up a notch. Think of them like writing inspiration – in pretty graphic form. Any combinations you love that we are missing?

All emoji’s taken from this Unicode table.

PS. Still want to use words? Our free font roundups right here.

(Graphic design ©A Subtle Revelry by Allie).

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