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Emoji party cake

Emoji party cake

Does your cake speak emoji? It definitely should. This emoji party cake is an explosion of digital expressions brought to life. It has ALL THE FEELINGS and would be a hoot for a birthday or any type of party. Whether you are throwing a full on emoji party (wouldn’t that be a blast!?!), or just wanting a cake to stand out in the crowd this emoji cake will satisfy it all.

It would be awesome to do all the emoji love faces for a bridal shower. All the happy faces for a birthday. You could even make it work for a get-well (or sorry you broke up with your boyfriend) cake by using the sad faces. The options are a limitless as our expressions!

Emoji face party cake

To make the expressive emoji party cake you will need;

  • Wooden Discs
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Small Detail Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Craft Paint in the Colors of Emojis (this cake uses Martha Stewart Brand in Wedding Cake White, Camellia Pink, Sycamore Bark Brown, Chamomile Yellow and Beetle Black)
  • Emoji Reference (AKA Instagram) and while your there don’t forget to follow me @asubtlerevelry
  • A Pretty Cake

DIY emoji party cake

  1. Start by painting each of the wooden disks yellow using the foam paint brush – this is the obvious emoji base for every face.
  2. Next paint the faces of the desired emojis using the detailed paintbrush. Open up Instagram and pick your favorites.
  3. Hot glue the back of the emojis to wooden skewers.
  4. Stick “your feelings” in the cake 😊 VIOLA! You have a cake for all the party moods you’ll need.

DIY emoji face party cake

What expressions would you put on your cake?

DIY emoji face party cake

Serve the emoji party cake alongside a smile and prepare for the crazy giggles that will ensue. I really love serving party cakes that are both beautiful and fun. This is the best of both worlds and the cake will bring a festive dose of youthful revelry everywhere it goes.

If a full on emoji party is what you are after here are a few other great emoji party ideas:

  1. Play pin the face on the emoji and see who can create a great looking emoji blindfolded.
  2. Use this emoji cheat sheet to create your own emoji party invitations.
  3. Emoji balloons (obviously necessary!).
  4. Make an emoji piñata, or use the idea to wrap up a gift.
  5. Send party guests home with these cute emoji clutches as party favors

(Project design and photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Brie Zacher).



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