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everyday | wine with strawberries


It is surprisingly hot in my new town. To cool down we have been spending our evenings relaxing on the breezy front porch with ice chilled wine and fresh cut strawberries, a miniature celebration to end each days hard work. It is my most favorite drink for summer.

Isn’t it splendid to stop and celebrate the small things that make up our everydays? Do you have any daily celebration routines? Summer is such a great time to savor these little moments.

Photo by Jackie Wonders for a subtle revelry.


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  1. I’ll take some wine + strawberries :) No specific everyday celebration routines, but I love making everything I eat beautiful before I eat it. Makes it so much mooore enjoyable. My little brother actually told me he thinks I’m in “bondage” because I can’t eat until my food looks pretty. He just doesn’t understand…lol… ;)

  2. What wine do you choose to go with your strawberries? It’s definitely it’s an everyday celebration but I lean toward a vinho verde often in the spring/ summer (and am tempted by it all year round!)

    jenn, I’ll have to look for that pinot gris. I love sparkling wines and when drinking a non-bubbly white it’s usually a pinot gris/grigio.

    • Kat, I love a chilled Pinot in the summer, Chardonnay tends to be too dry and Riesling too sweet. I usually buy cheap (thanks for the TJ recommendation Jenn!), but for a splurge try a white from Chateau Ste Michelle they use the most amazing white grapes!

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