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long and skinny candles

Long skinny candles are a birthday party favorite, but they are hard to find and expensive to purchase. I’ve made my own princess in pink and the process is so easy, I am excited to show you how.

The candles have a very homemade and festive feel to them which is perfect for birthdays and special occasions. These are perhaps the longest ones I could come up with (over 18 inches each!) and super skinny + we used wax coloring to give them an ombre effect. I just loved them.

Make the long and very skinny candles by melting and coloring wax according to the package directions. I find it best to melt as much wax as you need from the large piece, instead of cutting it up first. To make the candles in an ombre effect begin with wax in a light pink color and add more coloring as you go.

Using a long strand of candle wick, and a cut up straw – dip the wick into the wax  and pull out. Hold the wick and let the wax on the candles, dry for a moment and then re-dip the wick. Do this repeatedly until you get the width of candle desired. It took us about 12 dips for these long and skinny candles.

Hang the candles by the center straw to fully dry (you can shape them with your hands for better form as they are drying). Once the candles are dry snip the center to release the straw and you will have two very long candles.

Just a note, you can make these in any size or color to match whatever you are celebrating.

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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  1. Wonderful! I have a question (maybe a very silly one): when you’ve dipped the wick already a few times, how do you manage to dip it again in such a small pan? Or is the candle still bendable till it’s totally dry?

  2. I was wondering exactly the same thing as Moniek haha does the wax crack when bends into the pan again? Also, can I take wax from an existing tea candle to make this? Thanks!!

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