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Eyeglass party garland

Eyeglass garland

Sunglasses are a definite MUST for summer months. And with school starting both the kids have asked to purchase a pair of faux glasses to wear. Although no one in my house actually needs them – glasses are a big thing in our lives these days.

This eyeglass garland is an incredibly easy party decoration to make. Everyone who loves a good set of faux eyeglass will adore it! Wouldn’t it be fun to theme an entire party around glasses? You could hand out a pair to every guest, have a crazy vision test game, and serve drinks with eyeball straws and ice cube eyeballs inside.

Bright and fun eyeglass garland!

Host an glasses themed party with this bright eyeglass garland.

Eyeglass garland

To create this eyeglass party garland; you’ll need our printable printable eyeglass garland template and a roll of crepe paper streamers (like these).

1. Print out the eyeglass template and cut to size.

2. Fold the eyeglass garland back and forth accordion style. Place the template on top and cut out the top and bottom. With good scissors you should be able to cut through about a 10-foot section at once. Be sure to cut only the tops and bottoms of the garlands and not the sides- about 1/2 inch should be left on both sides to allow your garland to stay connected.

3. Unfold the streamers for a bright party that has perfect vision!

Fun eye glass garland for parties /// click for the free party printable!

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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