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fabric birthday crowns and superhero masks

Birthday party crowns - with genius DIY cheat tips.

With the twins starting school this fall, I am thinking a lot about how fast and fun our time was while they were mostly at home with me. The past 5 years have been some of the craziest and most wonderful I could imagine. And while we are a long way from putting up the dress-up, this new season will bring many changes for our home.

While I adjust, these fun princess crowns and superhero masks seems about right to share today. We did a birthday party a couple years ago where each child was given a fabric crown or a mask and cape. They were a cinch to make with a couple easy tricks that I will share below. The project somehow got lost in the shuffle over the past couple years, but I love it just as much today. Maybe even more. Blame it on nostalgia.

Easy cheats for kid's party crowns and masks

Fabric birthday party crown

To make a perfect princess crown, you need a perfect template! One of the easiest ways I’ve found to make crowns of all sizes is to simply trace one of the play ones we have around the house. If you don’t have play crowns lying around, check the dollar section of any store for the latest 3 year old crown trend.

DIY fabric party crown

DIY fabric party crowns

DIY fabric party crown

Trace the template onto a thick piece of card stock to give the crown its substance. Then trace the card stock onto a piece of fabric back side up. Cut out and secure the two pieces together with a light layer of Mod Podge or glue. The fabric selection can make these crowns match any party theme or favorite color scheme desired.

DIY fabric birthday party crown

Use a hole punch to punch out two holes on the back of the crown and tie a pretty ribbon thrrough. A perfect topping for any birthday girl! Whipping up a batch of 20 can be done in an evening – for young princess parties at their best.

Make a super hero mask and cape with an old t-shirt! Genius cheat for a boys party.

To make the superhero mask and cape; you’ll need a piece of felt (we cut two masks out of each felt piece), twine and a cotton shirt.

The easy cheat to this superhero outfit is to make the cape by simply cutting off the arms and neckline of the shirt (and along the bottoms and sides) leaving a perfect cape behind. Stick on Velcro makes for great no-sew tabs, allowing you to create a custom cape in moments!

For the masks we used a play mask at home as the template, traced it onto the felt, and cut. The twine ties around the backside to fit onto the birthday boy.

DIY super hero party mask

I know there will be more princess and super hero moments to come. I love that these projects can be redone in different colors and styles each year to keep the dress-up going as long as we possibly can (forever!?!).

PS. The coolest party blindfold ever from this same birthday party.

(Photos by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry)

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