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Fringed fabric cake top

My absolute favorite piece from our game night was this fringed fabric cake topper. It was one of those ideas that hits me late at night and makes me want to jump right up and create, sans sleep.

The topper would be a whimsical addition to any party and comes together in only a few simple steps. I just adore its imperfect, fun loving beauty and I think you’ll love it too…

Fringed fabric cake topper

The materials: Glue, water, coordinating fabric, scissors, two kitchen skewers and a mixing bowl.

The process:

  • Cut skinny, long strips out of the fabric, differ the heights and width of each piece.
  • Tie the fabric pieces to one longer strip, alternating colors and sizes as you go. Cut out a small heart, initial, birthday number or other meaningful shape to give added character to the topper.
  • Mix together one part glue and two parts water in the bowl.
  • Once the bunting is tied in a pleasing combination, submerge the entire piece into the glue/water mixture- take care to ensure every fabric strip gets wet.
  • Pull out and wrap the ends tightly around two kitchen skewers. Place any cut out shapes on top of single strips of fabric to dry (they will bond together when dry).
  • Lay out to dry for about a day.



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  1. This is adorable. I’ve got 8 months before the next little girl in this house has a birthday, but I’ll be remembering this fantastic idea.

  2. Vicki this cake topping has stayed with me. Today I bought some glue, ribbon and material and I able going to make the basic idea for a friend in a convalescent home. If you have any ideas as to how to use this in a hospital setting let me know. It is a Thanksgiving theme. Leave a message either on my blog or my email. Thank you. Sally

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