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fabric party streamers

For the vintage storybook birthday we lined the ceiling and some of the walls with these pretty, ruffly fabric party streamers. They were an easy, but time intensive project that was worth every moment. Although paper would have been much easier, there is a warmth that the fabric gave to our party space. Plus, now that I’ve made them, they can easily be stored away and pulled out for other needed occasions!

To make the fabric party streamers you will need to cut pieces of fabric about four inches wide and two times the length you’d like to cover.

Grab your sewing machine, or enlist the help of an amazing mom (thanks mom!) to sew two lines right down the center of your streamers. Be sure to leave long thread ends on both sides for pulling. Begin slowly pulling the thread from one side of your streamer (only pull one piece of thread, either the top or the bottom). Get comfy with a movie and ruffle away, you will love the results! For more detailed ruffling instructions see Disney.

Top and bottom photos done for me by Carly.


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  1. a very happy SITS day to you sweet bella, I love the vibe around here! I’m delighted to become your newest follower – and I simply adored the unicorn and tutu party, how fun!!!! so awesome! have a glorious day

  2. I would love for someone to make these FOR me…. I do love sewing, but tend to be more on the practical end rather than fanciful end of creating… Congrats on your featured day at SITS. :)

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