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diy fabric twister game

We are working hard to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather and bright sun – playing twister after school seems like a great way to do that. We made one of these awhile back for a birthday party game and my kids just adore using it as a daily toy – So I thought a full tutorial was in order.

The twister game makes an great gift to bring to a birthday party, the kids will love it and your friends will be happy to display the non-plastic thoughtfulness. These bright colors are perfect for daily summer fun in the sun.

To make the twister game start with one large piece of fabric – a flat sheet works perfect! And three different but coordinating fabrics for the circles. Measure out the circles 14 inches is a good size and sew onto the bottom fabric in four straight lines.

Make the spinner with a piece of card stock glued on top of cardboard. Fill in the four quadrants right foot… left arm… etc. Then take the fabric scraps from the circles and make four smaller circles of each. Place in each quadrant  and center the spinner with a paper arrow and brad for spinning.

Wouldn’t this be fun to do with troll hair for a Trolls party! I’d love that.

Photography in collaboration with Jackie Wonders for A Subtle Revelry.


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