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face front gift wrapping

There are presents that call for ruffles and lace, and presents that call for fun and games. For the later we’ve designed these fun face package faces to lend a nod of whimsy for birthday gifts this year. They will make your gift memorable, no matter what is inside. I love how each little package brings a smile with it, and a slight wink to a new found gift giving tradition.

The wrapping paper can be made with white butcher paper – use our face templates or follow the instructions to create your own. Who needs a gift tag when you can mirror your receiver on the package for everyones enjoyment.

To make the wrapping paper faces you’ll need boxes to wrap (preferably with great presents inside). Black and white construction paper, white wrapping paper, and various colors of yarn and paper for the hair styles. Read on for the full set of templates.

Peggy Sue and Combover Stew – the coined names for these two wrappings, are simple to make following the template above. And Peggy Sue has the added element of curled paper hair, which we made by curling thin strips of paper on a pencil before gluing onto the top – creating her pile of curls.

Ghost man would be a fun way to wrap up presents for Halloween this year. He is easy to piece together with big ovals for the eyes and a gapping mouth on white.

Red is flirty and fun with her lashes and straight colored hair. To make the hair cut lengths of red yarn and glue on top of the package. Follow the template above for red’s wispy lashes and delicate details.

Buzzcut Bob is a hit with his square shapes and graphic features. Follow the template for his jagged top and straight lined details – couldn’t you imagine him buttoned up and ready to work (a great way to present a gift to your favorite co-worker).

Which of the faces is your favorite? I cannot seem to decide but I do know they are making me rethink wanting to give these packages away. Perhaps I will make another set just for me to enjoy. xoxo

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.


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