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fairies and pixie dust

I am happy that Tina, aka Traveling Mama is giving me the chance to share this party with you today. The fairies and pixie dust theme designed for her daughter’s 11th birthday party is so incredibly pretty. I adore the childish whimsy and the party is done is such a classic way with sparkles, wings, tea and the like. The girls had been begging to dress up for a photo shoot, so the party started with fairy makeovers for each of the guests and then got more adorable as the day went on!

The styling of the day is gorgeous, in that, I didn’t try too hard kinda way, with a table set in layered cloths from Target and white paper pendants hanging above. The wall of butterflies was cut freehand by Tina in fairytale colors, it is a simple touch that really makes an impact on the white walls of the space.

Tina says, I wanted all the food to have an earthy, woodsy feel to it, so we filled the table with pretzels, haystacks (which look like bird nests), trail mix and dried figs.  I didn’t even plan on making a cake this year because I had ordered supplies for cupcakes, but the box didn’t end up making it, so at the very last minute I threw together a cake and it ended up being my very favorite thing!  I’ve never taken a cake decorating class or anything like that, so I knew I was going to be limited by my abilities, so I just went for simple lines and a generous dose of colored sugars and dragee that I had on hand.

All photography and styling done by Tina Fussell.

PS. I will be sharing parties and pretty celebrations on Wednesdays each week, both mine and the original  work of others, ones I really adore! A pretty taste of what is ahead:)

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