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Fall Celebration, artichokes.

* Welcome to our fall celebration challenge. This weeks posts will feature a few of my favorite event designers & their visions for fall seen through a handcrafted celebration. Enjoy the inspiration and share why you love their work by leaving a comment below- you could even win something rad, details here.

Continuing our week, an amazing harvest party designed by Melanie of You are my fave.

This harvest celebration was styled using one of my absolute fall favorites, the artichoke. Featured from the invite to the centerpiece it made a showing in throughout the entire party design.

In her own words: I used inspiration from the farmer’s market and colorful produce germane to this time of year. Since I live in a small apartment, I asked my friends if I could use their backyard that has a huge tree with swooping branches perfect for hanging lights on.

They also have a garden abundant with tomatoes, peppers and squash. Natural décor for a harvest.

The tables were covered with textiles I found at a local fabric store, then set with white plates, patterned napkins and bottled sodas. The main focus was on the fresh produce centerpieces and of course the food. For a fun touch I hired a street vendor who cooked mini gyros, spicy tacos, vegetable sliders and bbq pork sandwiches.

For the favors, I sewed up some tote bags and placed takeaway items that you would find strolling the booths at a farmer’s market. This may need to become a yearly event.

Calligraphy done by Cathie
Invitation done by YeeHaw
Catering done by Gasto Cart

PS. A DIY for the amazing farm fresh centerpieces coming up later today!


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  1. Oh my goodness! What a masterpiece. I want to take some crusty bread home in one of those supercute totes. I love the purple cabbage paired with the artichokes. When do I get to come to a You Are My Fave party??

  2. Not only do I want to attend that party, I want to blatantly steal the idea and host that party. It’s gorgeous, actually encourages healthy and local eating instead of all those stale store-bought cookies you usually find at parties, and the take home gifts are brilliant. Love it.

  3. Everything about this party is gorgeous. The color combinations are perfect. Melanie pays attention to every detail and gets it all exactly right. Will you do a party in my back yard?

  4. I love the colors and the feeling of the party. I love the invites and the lights as well. It feels very welcoming and like everyone would say hi and compliment your dress or something nice.

  5. LOVE it. The colors- from the striped fabric to the vegetables create a perfect fall palette. I adore outdoor lighting on trees- it creates a wonderful ambiance. And the artichoke design- classic. Hiring a street vendor for catering is a great idea to keep things casual, tasty, and support local small business! And the tote bags will ensure the memories of this party will linger long after. Thanks for sharing! Great ideas and design.

  6. Fall parties this time of year would be so excellent as you can enjoy the beautiful string lights before 10 pm, but it is still pleasant to be outside. The centerpieces are so gorgeous too.

  7. i simply love the color palette and center pieces. usually with “fall decor” you get browns and oranges. love how melanie pulled in the jewel tone with the cabbage and textiles. fabulous favors too. i mean, it’s sort of genuis. leave a party with yummy food for the next day’s breakfast… who thinks of that??? awesome.

  8. Eek! Can you please come and make my wedding look this beautiful? Love, love, love, love, love!!! But really, how is that different from my feelings towards everything else Melanie does!!!

  9. Amazing. The lights, the food, the decor, the food, the goodie bags. THE FOOD!! LOVE the street vender idea – food carts are the best. This is the perfect fall party without all the tired and overdone “fall-ish” type things. This scheme is perfectly unexpected and thus refreshing. This is definitely a party that I wouldn’t have missed out on. Love it.

  10. Every detail of this party makes me really wish I’d been invited. You had me at artichokes but then the take away tote really put me over the edge. Very elegant but with a homey touch.

  11. Please invite me to this party. I love the juxtaposition between the glorious colors and the brown boxes, I love a brown box or bag. How wonderful to find easily accessbile inspiration- and is there anything better than a takeaway favor that is useful AND fun. Boxes of chocolate and candles may be nice but hohum and hhhmmm, what shall I do with these. But a lovely bag of farmer’s market produce? that’s the ticket for me.

  12. amazing. as always and to be expected from melanie. she is the only blog i check every single day. except yesterday apparently as i stayed mostly away from my computer all day… oh, well. now i had extra goodness to check out today. thanks for sharing!

  13. Wow, Melanie really did it up right here. I love the way she used the contrasting, vibrant colors of the fresh veggies. The tablecloth and linens are gorgeous too. And a take-home tote! I would love this party!

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