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Fall celebration, watermelon

*Welcome to our fall celebration challenge. This weeks posts will feature a few of my favorite event designers & their visions for fall seen through a handcrafted celebration. Enjoy the inspiration and share why you love their work by leaving a comment below- you could even win something rad, details here.

One last dose of fall inspiration to close out our week, today Sharon of Cupcakes and Cutlery created a lovely vegetable filled dinner & a movie.

In her own words: I knew right away that I wanted to do the photo shoot at an amazing local restaurant called Park Ave in Stanton, CA.  They maintain a gorgeous vegetable garden behind the restaurant and it lent itself perfectly to the harvest vibe.

I came across the great floral print fabric with greens, blues, brown and gold, I knew it was the perfect palate for this event.  The addition of various types of ropes added a more natural element that played off the colors in the fabrics.  And corn husk decorations including the Corn Husk Candles kept the colors from getting to heavy.

I’ve always wanted to host an outdoor movie night so I took this opportunity to stage it instead.  A fun piece of this celebration is that after a fabulous fresh dinner, our group heads outside to the movie “theater.”

I wanted to use the Corn Husk Candles to mimic the rope lights used in movie theaters.  I lined them around the seating area so when the sun went down, you would be able to find your way without stumbling in to the just planted beds.  I would never expect any of my friends to sit on a bare hay bale for an entire movie so my friend, Carole, sewed these covers for me.  You may notice, as an added bonus, there is a pocket on the side to hold bottled water, flashlights and snacks.  And to counter act the effects of all the sugary movie goodies, I put out little burlap favor bags to share the abundant harvest with my friends to enjoy later.

I created a beverage station with hot and cold options and a movable concession stand. The fall harvest shines through fresh veggies everywhere including those just planted, on the vine and ready for the taking.

PS. The DIY for the festive corn husk candles coming up later today!


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  1. Love the location… from the east cost but had a lovely dinner at Park Ave. once and that was a perfect place for this.

    Love the idea of an outdoor movie, now that the weather is a little bit chilly it would be so fun to have people over for an outdoorsy movie night.

  2. Sharon at Cupcakes and Cutlery has once again outdone herself. Every detail in these photos is a little nugget of inspiration. Taking advantage of the sun setting earlier this time of year, with an outdoor movie night, is fantastic. And who couldn’t use some more veggies in their life?!

    Garnish + Enjoy,

    – Suzanne

  3. This is well thought out from the food to the decor. Every detail is brought into the theme nicely. Makes me want to go to an outdoor movie in the cool fall weather. Great job Sharon. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Sharon,

    What a cute idea. I love the theme and how you brought the whole picture together. The sangria looks very tasty, something cool to drink on a casual fall evening.

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