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Celebrating fall trends

Today I am styling a rustic, fall inspired engagement party- wearing suede boots and all:) The design has been prompted by the lovely fall trends popping up around us. Vintage crates abounding, I am using glass in new ways and nodding the coming season with gorgeous textures and warmth inducing treats. Hoping for a very enjoyable evening in the midst of this late summer month.

Here are a few photos that have inspired the party and my ever growing vision of fall.

(photo’s from Johnny Miller’s portfolio via The Inspired Bride)


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  1. That bottle photo is just gorgeous. What an amazing photo. Fall is a favorite for me! <3

    Also, did you get that email with my button to use for the picnic contest win? If not, let me know and I can send it again or it's on the sidebar of my blog! :) Thanks Vicky!

  2. Lisa, I got the button- thanks for being so patient with me. As soon as the coding on the site design is complete I will be sure to add it- I’m stuck not being able to change anything at the moment. Soon though- and it will be better placement for you- promise;)

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