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Fall Pumpkin Salsa

Fall pumpkin salsa

Tis’ the season for football, tailgates, feasts and all the parties! With this comes the ever present request to… Come on over and bring a side dish! So many side dishes. I’m partnering with Kenmore Appliances today to whip up our fall go-to side dish. A festive fall pumpkin salsa that is everything amazing about this season and when brought with a bag of sweet potato chips, will wow all the party hosts looking for a side.

It can be challenging not to just think about what side dish to make, but also how to transport it without spilling all the goodness all over the car, or yourself. With Kenmore’s personal blender this is not longer a worry. Blend up the pumpkin salsa at home, throw the lid on the blender and stash it in your bag along with those sweet potato chips. A festive fall side done the right way.

pumpkin salsa for fall

Fall Pumpkin Salsa

To make the festive fall salsa grab the recipe over at Kenmore, right here. Stash in the fridge and be ready to bring over the best side around, with very little hassle. We like to top our festive fall salsa with roasted pumpkin seeds. It tastes amazing with spiked cider served nearby.

Enjoy all that is tasty about fall this season with a salsa everyone will love.

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