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Easy DIY Plates for the Holidays

These easy DIY plates are the perfect way to celebrate family during the holidays! We used fun family photos and bright pops of color for our plates. My family loved to see all our fun family memories! Add a little more personal flair to your festive table with these colorful decorations.

How to Create Easy DIY PlatesDIY Plates

We love hosting and celebrating with our extended family during the holidays. Every year that means our parents and grandparents sit around our table one year older. It’s a sweet time to have most of them still with us and it’s a great time of year to honor them. I’m glad to be joining forces with Bay Alarm Medical today in taking care of all the grandparents. While our grandparents are thankfully still active and healthy, I love that they can be taken care of no matter what with the Bay Alarm medical device.

I’m so excited about honoring the entire family with this DIY plate set!

In our family celebrating the years and memories, we’ve spent around the Thanksgiving table is a big deal. I’m so excited about honoring the entire family with this DIY plate set. They can be made with clear plates, photos + glue and are a fun way to add memories to the dining table that can take everyone back years.

Easy DIY Plates

DIY Plates for Thanksiving

The Bay Alarm Medical system has an easy wall stick button that can be placed in those house spots where our grandparents might need it most. Like by their seat at the dining table so when they dig into the turkey leftovers after we all leave I can have peace of mind that they are safe getting up and down for seconds, or thirds, or fourths… I love the thought that help is needed is just a button push away.

Med Bay Alarm Help

Goodness! Thanksgiving day can be busy enough even without being all worried about how safe the grandparents will be while we are preparing. The system also has lanyards and bracelets that can be worn for active times when they might need assistance. Like when we send them out to get that one bag of cranberries we forgot – Thanks Grandpa! It brings great peace of mind knowing that they are just one button away from getting the medical help they may need, no matter where they are.

DIY Family Photo Heirloom Plates

Family Photo Heirloom Plates

Honoring our family and creating a fun new Thanksgiving tradition is easy with these DIY plates.

To make them you will need:

  • Clear glass plates
  • Colorful tissue paper
  • Family photos
  • Mod Podge
  • A foam paint brush
  • Scissors


DIY Family Photo Plates

1. Begin by cutting the tissue paper into large sections for covering the plate. Also cut the photo to fit in the center of the plate, use fun shapes or keep all the photos squared for a more traditional look.

2. Lay the photo down first on the backside of the plate front side facing through the plate and use the foam brush to brush the Mod Podge along the backside of the photo. Allow drying into place.

3. Once the photo is dried begin layering the tissue paper over the backside brushing it down into place with the Mod Podge as needed.

4. Once it is fully in place cover the entire backside with a nice thick coat of the sealant.

Family Photo Heirloom Plates

These DIY plates hold up well to serving (what a fun new pie time tradition to start!) and they are good for hand washing at the sink. These fun and loving keepsakes pair perfectly with these fun pies and this colorful cornucopia!


This post was created in partnership with Bay Alarm Medical – a company I support and a great start at honoring our grandparents this year.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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