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faux chalkboard gift tags

Creating the look of pretty chalkboards with basic black construction paper was a wonderful discovery for us last month. Now it seems the possibilities of what can be made with the faux chalkboards are endless. Simple gift tags are easy and carry a subtle beauty when combined with a few garden picked flowers for mom.

The gift tags will give any mom a beloved work of art (just like those beautiful pictures you made for Mother’s Day when you were seven) while showing her just how much your creative genes have grown since your last construction paper project.

To make the pretty faux chalk board gift tags you will need a couple sheets of black construction paper, paints, ribbon, and chalk to write with.

Cut the construction paper to size and paint. Once the tags are dried, write on them just like you would a chalkboard. Hole punch each one and attatch to your gift.

Project design and photography by Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.

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