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Decorating Plastic Easter Eggs Decorating With Fur

Inside: We are decorating clear plastic Easter eggs in a fun and fuzzy way!

Easter is late this year, which just means more time for planning all the fun! Dyed eggs, carrot cake, bunny ears… Easter is one of my favorite holidays and today I’m kicking things off with these faux fur clear plastic easter eggs. They are really fun to hold, easy to find for the little ones, and so simple to make. I love how each type of fur has a different texture making the hair look go from sweet to crazy depending on the type of material chosen for the faux fur easter eggs.

decorating plastic easter eggs

If you’ve never worked with faux fur before, but want to try – this could be the perfect project. About 1/4 yard can cover 8-10 faux fur Easter plastic Easter eggs. My kids went bonkers for these fury guys. Plus using clear plastic Easter eggs instead of hard-boiled means the project won’t get lost around the house to be found stinky weeks later. Wins all around!

Plastic Easter Egg Decorating

Faux Fur Easter Eggs

Plastic easter egg ideas

The light pink long faux fur is definitely my favorite – it turns the ho-hum plastic Easter eggs into what looks a lot like troll head. :) After decorating plastic Easter eggs with fur we filled with candy, but you could also fill them with safe slime for a fun candy-free Easter ideas

Decorating Easter Eggs that are plastic

Faux Fur Plastic Easter Eggs

For decorating plastic Easter eggs with fur you will need:

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Faux fur in a few favorite colors
  • Scissors
  • A glue gun


DIY Easter Eggs

1. Start by measuring out the fur for each side of the plastic egg, cutting it into a half circle to fit on the half.

2. Hot glue the fur to the outside of the egg, being sure to leave the middle clear for putting the eggs back together.

3. Fill the plastic Easter eggs with jelly beans and goodies for an Easter treat everyone will love.

Candy Plastic Easter Eggs

Troll Easter Eggs

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(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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