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Feather + bead garland

bead + feather garland

Stringing beads onto necklaces, lanyards and BFF bracelets is summer nostalgia at its best. This year, I decided to take the concept and expand it to make my new favorite garland. Adding in sections of rope and feathers makes it even more whimsical for summer. Beads + feathers + long afternoons under the sun… Exactly the summers I want to remember.

Bead + Feather Garland

Beaded party garland

feather cupcakes

Leftover feathers can be an instant cupcake topping win! Twist a small portion of wax paper around the stem of each feather and stick into the cupcakes for a pretty presentation.

Beaded party garland

beaded party garland

To make the bead + feather garland you’ll need;

  • Beads in multiple sizes
  • Feathers
  • Twine for threading

There’s not much to this project other than threading the beads on a lazy summer afternoon while laying in the grass, under the sun. Possibly on a hammock… At least that’s how I envision us all creating this. String the beads onto the twine. Run short strips of beaded twine off the main strip for the hanging pieces and tie feathers on every so often.

Bead + Feather Garland

The garland is a fun piece for girlie parties and can be re-used around the house all season long. Happy beading!

PS. Not to be a feather fanatic but… a painted feather cake, a feather head-dress and a dream catcher made with feathers.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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