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felt hanging party banners

Felt text HOPE banner

When decorating for the holidays I make an effort not to have too many knick knacks and little pieces around the house. I have found they add to the clutter, but don’t add to my joy. Instead, I decorate with fresh greens and a few big and festive eye catchers.

These felt hanging banners completely fill a room with holiday spirit and can turn any wall into a great backdrop for festivities. They are easy to make and take almost no room to pack away – awesome for making a room sparkle year after year.

Felt holiday banners

Felt scallop party banner

Felt scallop party banner

These festive holiday banners are made with one large piece of felt (get this in the yardage section at your local fabric store). Grab a selection of other colorful and glittered felt to fill in on top. Cut out holiday letters – any combination of words desired. Noel, Hope, Joy, Love  – all would be great options. Hot glue on the backs of the letters hold them into place perfectly. Or if you’d prefer to stay away from glue, iron on hem tape works just as great! We used a combo of both to finish these banners – hot glue for the scallops and hem tape for the words.

For the scalloped banner, cut long ovals out of the felt and then cut in half. Start at the top and layer the scallops in as you go down the banner for a festive burst of holiday color!

Noel holiday felt banner

Felt scallop party banners

To hang the banners we used wrapping paper rolls cut down to size. Poke two holes near the ends of the rolls and tie a length of string through the rolls. Rolling the banners around and gluing into place gave our wall a festive treatment in no time.

gum drop trees - winter cake

And as long as we are chatting about crazy easy, eye catching holiday ideas – topping a cake with green gumdrops to make a miniature forest is about as easy as it gets. Turn any cake into a holiday treat with these miniature, edible trees on top.

Felt NOEL holiday banner

Here’s to a fabulous season of doing less with a greater impact! Whether we are talking about a wall, a cake, or a business – simple and fun is a great plan to make this time of year. xoxo

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