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felt watermelon cake toppers

Felt watermelon cake toppers

In the middle of summer, I eat a diet filled with watermelon. The fruit is so wonderfully refreshing and an icon of the fabulous, laid back days of summer. If you don’t want to go all out and make an actual watermelon cake, or a cake that looks like a watermelon, then these toppers are a simple way to bring the bright tasty fruit into your celebration this season. Or you can use all three ideas, add a pitcher of watermelon soda, and throw an entire watermelon themed party! Summer done right.

Felt watermelon cake toppers

Felt watermelon cake toppers

To make the watermelon cake toppers; you’ll need pink, black and green felt.

Start by cutting a circle out of the pink felt. Cut small triangles from the black. Then cut a hallowed out circle for the green rim of each watermelon.

Fold the watermelons in half (this allows the cake to look great from any direction) and glue the two sides together with a skewer inside. Gently glue the small triangle seeds onto each watermelon.

Felt watermelon cake toppers

Align the watermelons around the cake for a bright and festive summer treat.

(Photography and project design by Claire Cassidy for A Subtle Revelry)

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