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Festive Friday – 5 Fun Things

Reno Hot Air Balloon Races

This weekend we are headed to the annual Reno Hot Air Balloon Races. It’s one of my favorite events we attend all year – there is something absolutely magical about being on the ground, right next to the balloons as they blow up and release into the air. I’ll be sharing an Instagram story (or 5) of the fun – you can follow along right here. Then we watch them float effortlessly over the city for a couple hours. While I prepare our early morning snacks because this all starts at 4:45am. Eeeek! Here are 5 fun things for the weekend:

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

OMG. Rainbow grilled cheese is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Ikea sheet as a party entrance

Using an Ikea sheet as a party entrance is such a cute idea that makes a big impact for very little work.

Floral Painted Pumpkin

The first pumpkin of 2016 that I’ve fallen for.

fig prosciutto arugula salad

This salad! And now that it is full on fig season – try them in a fig manhattan or stuffed with goat cheese and pistachio figs, which is one of my favorite party appetizers.

Rainbow Braid

We’ve been having a blast playing around with braids a bit in the studio this last week. The fun has been inspired by the gorgeous unicorn color and pretty texture of Shelley Gregory’s braids. They are the prettiest I’ve seen. In case you’d like to try your hand at temporary hair dye – we’ve tried Kool-aid before.

Have a fun weekend. xoxo

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