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Festive Friday – 5 Halloween Things

Halloween Party Page

For years I’ve been touting a Halloween holiday filled with color and fun! Here are five really great ideas for creating a great Halloween party scene while keeping the space festive and fun.

And before we jump in, I am excited to share our new Halloween ideas page! I’m passionate about providing all the awesome ideas we need to plan a flawless holiday. I hope that making these holiday focused pages will be a huge resource devoted just to that. We will be adding products and special freebies into our future holiday pages. YAY for 7 years of celebrating ideas!

skull vase

A skull vase?!? Why yes of course! This simple idea looks so easy to recreate and makes a fun statement. Gut a craft skull (found at all craft stores this time of year), and fill it with a cup for water + flowers. I’ve never seen such a perfect Halloween party vase.

ghost cookies

Colorful ghost cookies- buy a party batch right here.

constillation pumpkin

A constellation pumpkin that can be made with black paint and a white sharpie. Making a midnight set of these for a moody, but not spooky mantel sounds amazing.

Felt Ghost Decorations

And another version of colorful ghosts! Gosh I saw these earlier in the week and cannot get them out of my mind, what a funky and colorful way to decorate for the holiday.

Fries on a pegboard

This has nothing to do with Halloween… but fries on a pegboard, how could I resist!?! What a fun way to serve up a favorite food for any holiday party.

(Skull photo ©B & J/Stocksy United, Pumpkin photo ©Amy Covington/Stocksy United. All other photos linked in text.)

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