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Festive Friday: The Big Game

the big game

It has been 8 years since I’ve watched a super bowl game. It’s crazy to admit that, but I’ve taken to having the afternoon to myself while Matt takes the kids to a loud football party of fun. This year though we have a good friend hosting, so I’m going to go to chat and enjoy the commercials!

Whether we are talking social football watching, or being a passionate fan – we midaswell look cute while we are watching. And incase hosting a party for the big game is in the future here are some goodies (and the easiest party DIY ever!) to make the most of an afternoon of old fashioned American football fun.

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A two tiered serving tray that has a space for all the appetizers. I have one like this that I use ALL THE TIME.

The best beanie for keeping heads warm during halftime flag football games.

A great watch for keeping game time right.

You’ll be the star of the halftime show in this gorgeous and crazy fun coat.

Perfect jeans for an afternoon of football.

For this sporty event, why not slip on into a pink track suit! The hoodie and jogger pants are a matching pair that everyone will love!

Extra seating to grab, pig skin style.

For the cupcakes, these glitter football toppers are a perfect accessory to make this football party way more girly! :)

Serve a hungry crowd with Chilli! Make this really good recipe in this pretty pot and friends will happily help themselves.

A vintage cotton candy maker will have the kids super excited and it is a fun dessert option for everyone!

For the non-traditionalists that want to throw a little “Fiesta” into the football party, this margarita chip plate will be a hit!

The history of football, necessary coffee table books.

A wicker basket for tossing extra blankets and balls in.

We all wish we were the referee, since you can’t beat them, join them by wearing the look in bag form.

Pizza earrings because wearing the food is almost as good as eating it.

Game Day Balloons.

A shirt that will show your support of whatever team wins… because of course we all know the teams that are playing next weekend… I mean I do obviously.

Mini-marionette cake toppers. I love these so much!

Sporty heart socks.

And, these pink Chucks are both sporty and girly, which makes them the perfect shoe for a football party!

Confetti Balloons

And as far as party DIY’s go, making confetti balloons is up there as one of the easiest we’ve ever seen! The great thing about these balloons is that you can make them in any color to support the team of choice or create the look in multi-color for a festive party look.

Confetti Balloons

To make a similar look to these confetti clad balloons you will need:

  • Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Spray adhesive


1. Blow the balloons up and gently mist them with the adhesive. Since the balloons already have static electricity going for them you don’t need much of this to mist on.

2. Roll the balloons in the confetti. While we’re at it, roll the wine bottles in confetti and anything else for an instant festive party look.

(Confetti Balloon concept, design & photography ©Beatrix Boros/Stocksy United).

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