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Dance Party Games for the Whole Family

Inside: The best dance party games for the whole family!

Pretty often when my kids get home from school they ask to turn on the music. Dance parties are a part of our family DNA and it’s something I hope we keep for always. Turning on the music and just letting loose together is so good for everyone. Do you ever have dance parties at home? Whether it’s been a stressful day with the kids, or even just a night home alone – dancing will completely alter everyone’s mood right on the spot (it’s scientifically proven)! We normally rock out to the Kid’s Bob station on Pandora since it’s a family favorite. Our dance parties are also the only time we allow crazy things like moving the coffee table or jumping on the sofa – a little release is good for us all! Here are a few of our favorite dance party games to let loose and have some fun!


Dance party Games

While we dance in the weekend… here are some of my favorite picks to ensure we are always ready for an impromptu dance party games at home.

Dance Party Games Essential Supplies

What better way to play music throughout the house than this vintage turntable?! We have it in the living room and use it daily.

Since most of our dance party games happen in the living room, this white accent chair from Target will be a fun addition to the decor.

For an extra pop of color in your living room, add this cactus wall tapestry.

For the little ones, here’s a little reminder to just “dance it out!”.

This purple turntable is another favorite and it will keep the dance party games coming even on a trip away.

If you are in need of a record to play, this Some Nights vinyl by Fun. is a definite winner.

As a kid, I always dreamed of having a hanging chair or bed… so here one is.

These round pillows are a great lounge spot for when the kids are super tired from their dance party!

For those that are more into bluetooth to project music, this floral speaker still looks vintage, but it has an easy connection to your phone for all of the music you want at your fingertips.

Or try this fun lamp+speaker combo!

A dance party isn’t a party without the perfect outfit

Sometimes you just have to tie the hair back and get to the dance party games – these bright scrunchies from Urban Outfitters will definitely do the trick.

I LOVE this shirt because it is so accurate– it says, “Dance Hair Don’t Care”– how cute!! :)

Sometimes, you just need a skirt to dance. These velvet and tulle skirts are fun, flirty, and are sure to improve your dance moves just because they are so cute!! hehe :)

For ultimate comfort, while dancing, try these ballet wrap leggings.

Dance Party games for the family

And if all the dance party games fail, hang up one of Paul Fuentes awesome art pieces, throw on the music and just enjoy the long weekend ahead. xoxo

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