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DIY Concrete Planters For A Festive Friday: Plant Lady

DIY Concrete Planters

I went out shopping at our local nurseries with a friend this week and was immediately excited for spring! I can feel it coming our way and I want to buy ALL THE PLANTS to celebrate. Whether updating a room, decorating for a party, or doing something just to bring a smile – buying a plant is always the right idea.

To celebrate all that is about to start growing I’m excited to share this DIY concrete planters excerpt from our first book, Materially Crafted (which is on sale for under $12 today!) for creating awesome DIY concrete planters of all sizes and shapes + all my favorite spring planting finds below. Time to harness that inner plant lady and get shopping.

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This floral apron from Anthropologie is super cute!

This chair will remind you of the garden every time you walk by it in the house.

For the best amount of light and color in the room, this lamp is perfect.

For the bedroom or the living room, you cannot go wrong with these curtains.

I love these gardening tools from Anthropologie— the design is so fun!

And don’t forget to get a pair of these matching gardening gloves as well.

Spice up your gardening pots with this super colorful one.

Or, for a more modern take, try these hanging planters.

For us ladies with less of a green thumb, we love our cacti– and this cacti pillow is winning my heart!

Succulents are all the craze, so check out these beauties…

Try this super unique vegetable garden planter for your backyard.

And you can use this golden plant mister too.

If your living room utilizes more black and white designs, these garden pillowcases are for you.

You can never go wrong with a lovely plant painting.

For your gardening BFF, gift her this cute cactus guide. :)

Try using this herb garden starter with your kids– it is sure to be tons of daily fun!

For the perfect wall hanging, all you need are these little bottles and your favorite flowers.

Every girl needs a pink pair of rain boots for all of the rainy days! :)

And if you already have a garden, use these plant markers to identify the beauties.

To spice up your living space, set your plants on these holders from Anthropologie.

DIY Concrete Planters

Purchasing large planters can be costly, but making them out of concrete is wonderfully affordable. While these DIY concrete planters are an easy project to create they do need to be made in a large ventilated space.

Make a handful of DIY concrete planters both in rectangle form like we did in Materially Crafted, or in bowl form like these fun bowl planters shot by Gillian Vann – to place around the deck, give away as gifts or to brighten up a dark corner in the room that needs a little love!

DIY Concrete Planters

To make the DIY concrete planters you will need:

  • A  large  mixing  bin
  • Chicken wire (for large sized planters)
  • Cement
  • Water
  • 2 similar but not identical sized boxes or bowls
  • A couple heavy rocks or bricks


1. Start  by  prepping  the  materials.  Make  sure  one  of  the  boxes/bowls fits  nicely  inside  of the  other  leaving  enough  room  for  the  concrete  to  set,  about  8-10  inches  is  ideal

2. Place  the  chicken  wire  inside  the  boxes/bowls  and  cut  down  to  size – you  will  need  the wire  to  be  about  80%  of  the  height  and  width  of  each  side  of  the  box or bowl.

3. Mix  the  concrete  according  to  package  directions.  Be  sure  to  use  gloves  and  a mask,  and  make  sure the  work  surface  and  surrounding  areas  are  covered  well.

4. With  the  outer  box  or  bowl  on  a  stable  surface,  begin  to  pour  the  concrete  inside  the  box – Fill  about  3 – 4  inches.

5. Firmly  place  the  inside  box/bowl  into  the  mixture  and  press  down.  Place  a  brick  or  two in  place  to  hold it  in  position,  then  pour  the  rest  of  the  concrete  around  the sides  of  the box.

6. Insert  the  chicken  wire  and  press  down  firmly  so  it  is  completely  engulfed  in  the mixture.  The  concrete  bonds  well  to  the  chicken  wire  and  it  will  give  all the  sides extra  support  for  standing straight.

7. Let  dry  completely  5 – 7  day.

8. Carefully  remove  the  box/bowl  edges  and  gently  sand  down  the  top  sides  of  the  planter before  filling  with  dirt  and  plant

*Note:  For  DIY concrete planters  requiring  drainage,  after  you  have  placed  the  chicken  wire  in  the concrete,  use  chopsticks  to  poke  a  hole  through  both  boxes  and  the  bottom  layer  of concrete.  Remove  the  chopsticks  when  the  concrete  begins  to  dry,  but  is  not  fully set.

(DIY tutorial taken from our first released book Materially Crafted. Photography in this post ©Gillian Vann/Stocksy United).

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