Rainbow Grilled Cheese

I’m so excited to share how to make this rainbow grilled cheese today! To cheer up an otherwise dreary week we’ve been focusing all our eyes on rainbows around here… there have been double rainbows almost everyday in the sky and in the studio they seem to be popping up everywhere. Last year we shared these fun rainbow food ideas and I’m thrilled to finally have a chance to talk it this rainbow grilled cheese idea through more fully right below. These rainbow photos by Kirsty Begg just scream brightness in the midst of the last, long days of winter we are having.

What’s your favorite way to make a rainbow? I bet after trying this version you’ll have a new favorite. ;)

But first, a few awesome rainbows you can grab and put around the house, or on your body today to brighten up THE EVERYTHING:

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Rainbow tassels make for the cutest clutch!

If you have a ton of stuff, this rainbow purse is big, roomy, and the best amount of bright.

With all this snow, I just cannot wait to wear some sandals. Make these your go-to.

Sometimes, wearing a full rainbow seems a little daring, but this dress makes it so easy. I am loving this chic look.

For a more casual look, pair this cute tee with a pair of jeans.

This dress is more fancy and great for a night out, and there is still a rainbow in it– LOVE!

Add a splash of color to your home with this elephant trinket. :)

Whether it is for the playroom or the living room, this area rug is perfect.

Here is another clutch that your daughter will love, and I won’t judge you if you sneak into her closet to steal it for yourself.

For toys or blankets or even if they just sit there looking cute, these rainbow baskets are a must have.

And of course, an accent throw pillow is never a bad option. AND, there’s donuts on it- yum!

Add a little extra rainbow to your life with this phone case.

Summer is coming! And with that, I leave you with this lovely unicorn rainbow raft.

Colorful lights are always a fun addition to the home!

This one is for the little ones that say, “I want to be a unicorn when I grow up!”

This modern rainbow art print is another great addition for the home and it is sure to brighten up your living room.

Or, try this woven wall hanging.

And at the end of the night, sit down with your much needed glass of wine using these fun, rainbow glasses.

Rainbow Cheese

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

And now onto this awesome sandwich of colorful fun! To make a similar version of Kirsty’s rainbow grilled cheese you will need:

  • Bread & butter
  • Shredded cheese
  • Sprinkles
  • A rainbow food dye
  • Stove and pan for making a grilled cheese sammie


1. Mix the cheeses in 4 different bowls with the food coloring to get sections of bright and bold cheese.

2. Butter both sides of the bread, fill with the rainbow colored cheese and cook as you would any plain grilled cheese sandwich.

3. Top with sprinkles of course.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

I mean could a weekend lunch get any better than this!?

And if you are finding the rainbow trend as hard to kick as I am – here are 25 rainbow craft projects, our origional rainbow waffles and rainbow pickled veggies to brighten up the weekend ahead.

(Photography concept and design ©Kirsty Begg/Stocksy United).