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Festive Friday: Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip!

We are right in the middle of spring break here & planning a road trip next week to San Francisco (just Matt & I!). We try to get away once or twice a year, just us two. It’s so good for our marriage to travel and enjoy unlimited time together kid free. While in the city we are going to see one of my favorite bands and we are planning on staying at this fun hotel. We’ve also been tiling a huge section of our flooring this week (hear all about that drama on my Instagram story today), so the getaway is coming at the exact perfect time.

I also want to let you know this will be our last Festive Friday post for awhile. We have a few changes coming up, including a site redesign so soon! I’m finding I need more space and days to fit in everything I want to share with you… so our Friday posts will be a little mixed in with tips, personal essays, and other inspiration moving forward. Thanks for sticking with us through all the big and little transitions that have come while blogging for the last 7 years – like that crazy time we tried to work together and it lasted an entire 10 days. HA!

While we get ready to hit the road, here are a few favorite road trip essentials I’ve been eyeing…

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PS. Images from my favorite ever road trip party.

(Photography in this post ©Robert Zaleski/Stocksy United).

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