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Festive Morning Yogurt

This post is sponsored by ZICO Coconut Water.

Festive Morning YogurtOur morning routine tends to be the dictator of our days – for good or bad. Because of this, I focus a lot on making sure our family starts the day off right… Good tunes, good talk about gratefulness and good food to fuel our bodies.

My kids are big fans of yogurt for breakfast, but I’ve found that many of the pre-sweetened types contain big doses of things that aren’t good for anyone to eat. Instead, we’ve been buying plain organic greek yogurt and making our own fun creations. For a festive morning routine that is a game of sorts and gets our days off to a great start.

To sweeten the yogurt we’ve been using Zico Coconut water. The coconut water adds a sweet taste that is refreshing and mixes great with the Greek yogurt. I love the option of using ZICO Coconut Water to replace sugar and chemicals in our morning yogurt because it’s 100% coconut water with no sugar (or any other ingredients) added. It allows a fresh and sweet taste to the yogurt without sacrificing what I know is good for everyone.

Coconut Water Sweetened Yogurt

Festive Morning YogurtTo make our festive morning yogurt you will need:

  • 1-cup whole non-sweetened Greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup Zico 100% coconut water
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Fruit, sprinkles, granola, and add-ins as desired

1. Combine the yogurt with the coconut water and blend well for a fun and sweet taste. For a bright-colored breakfast mix in the food coloring at this stage.

2. Add in toppings such as berries or granola (and for special days sprinkles!) – for yogurt the whole family will be excited about.

Since we are making the yogurt in such a healthy way each day, I let the kids pick their own toppings to add to their bowls. For sure we get the traditional berries and granola often… but some days we decide to celebrate a little extra and add in sprinkles!

The result is a morning meal that is fun for them and one that I know is fueling them for a great day ahead #InsideIsEverything when it comes to having a great day.

PS. Animal yogurt popsicles that will taste great with this recipe.

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