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festive screensavers & media sabbaths

Smelling the roses screen saver

Taking time offline each week to rest and revive my mind from constant media is a practice that’s really important for me. It reminds me of what I value most and allows my brain to reset, keeping me fresh for the new week ahead. Taking regular times where you turn off the screens is my biggest piece of advice for bloggers, moms, and really anyone who spends a significant amount of time online. Have you ever taken a rest from media? It’s so refreshing!

To help the cause we created three really fun screensavers. Each design has a horizontal version for your computer and a vertical version for your phone. Whenever I try to take time off I find myself often reaching for my phone, or opening my computer (it’s so addicting!). Having a bright and festive screensaver up reminding me what I WANT to be doing is such a huge help.

Smelling the roses screen saver

Out partying screen saver

Out partying screen saver

To use the screensavers; click on the downloads below for the design you like and save the file. Next go into your settings on your phone/computer and select the photo to be used as your screensaver or wallpaper. That’s it!

Out smooching my guy screen saver

Out smooching my guy screen saver

We’ve got a little bit of everything going on this weekend. Valentine’s plans with the husband, a birthday party on Saturday and time home with the kids to stop and smell the blooming flowers on Monday. We might even try to fit in a bit of skiing. No matter what your weekend looks like, I hope you get to take time away to relax and enjoy it!

Click the link to download the desktop/phone wallpaper: Smelling The Roses desktop wallpaper | Smelling The Roses phone wallpaper | Out Partying desktop wallpaper | Out partying phone wallpaper | Smooching My Guy desktop wallpaper | Smooching My Guy phone wallpaper

Graphics by Lindsey Campbell for A Subtle Revelry. Happy weekending. xoxo

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