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festive sleeves for fall

It’s this week about every year that I begin to shift out the summer clothes to make room for fall… A season when everything feels festive and fun – so our wardrobes should match that, right!?! Instead of tossing on last years plain-jane fall jacket, update the sleeves with some festive and fun details. A line of sequins, polkadots, or an extra layer of animal print might be just what your sleeves need to refresh and excite them for the months of fall festivities coming up.

To create the festive sleeve updates you will need a blazer (kids or adult), iron-on lining, a length of ribbon or fabric, and a needle and thread.

Make the look above by turning your jacket inside out and then measuring out the length of fabric or spacing for ribbon. Use the iron-on lining to place and hold the material in position as you hand (or machine) stitch around the edges. Repeat these steps to update every jacket in the house for a festive and fashionable fall.

Project design and photography by Disney, from Ruffles and Stuff for A Subtle Revelry.

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