I am in quite the holding pattern these days… Waiting on photography, article releases etc before sharing my recent celebration goodies with you. In the meantime another AMAZING handcrafted celebration… Fiesta style!

I’ve fallen in desperate love with the recent mini-bunting-on-cake trend. I have also begun a small fetish with laser-cut banners. Combine these two and I found myself just adoring this fiesta bachelorette party that Jenna from EatDrinkPretty threw.

Her favorite part, and mine- the amazing cake! I love the mini-cake bunting, a fresh take on two of my new favorite trends!

Nikki from Lovely Scribbles was the mastermind behind this adorable detail and she is here to share her goodness with us today!

Fiesta mini-bunting tutorial

Materials needed:

  • Color paper, paper cutter and/or scissors, dye cut stamp with a pattern of your choice, 2 wooden skewer sticks, white thread, needle, hot glue gun & ribbon.

How to:

  • Punch each sheet of color paper with the dye cut stamp.
  • Cut out mini flags with the pattern as the bottom of the flag.
  • Double thread the needle with white string. Be sure to double thread so you will have a visible, prominent stitch.
  • Once you have the flags strung and placed however far apart you would like them, tie each end of the string around a skewer stick.

  • Take the ribbon and tie into two small bows.
  • With your glue gun, glue each bow on top of where you tied the thread.  This will hold the thread on the stick as well as hide the knot with the bow.

And…you’re finished… Now all you need is the cake!

The perfect project for one last summer party.