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Finding your native tongue

There’s been a lot of discussion in media lately about the sustainability of blogging as a profession. I will be the first to admit that DIY blogging takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and passion to get right. I have found an enormous help – finding and resting in my own blogging voice.

There seems to be a lot less burn-out when I am doing what I love – like making monster donuts! Finding and learning the art of functioning in your own voice is a challenge all artists face – from bloggers to voice creators. I love this clip from the Boxtrolls and how it gives a small glimpse into the collaboration and coordination of two artists finding that perfect voice for their project.

Perhaps you can relate. You’ve been trying to re-create that amazing Pinterest project, and the results are so bad you feel like reporting yourself to one of those Pinterest Fail Blogs. The biggest problem – that is someone else’s project, and you aren’t allowing your own voice to find it’s place in your project. Perhaps my color scheme would never look good in your house, but navy blue certainly would. Perhaps you would never use my shapes for your sugar cookies – have you tried using shapes and colors that represent your own voice?

We all shine when we are able to find our own voice. No matter what inspires you, no matter what DIY you are using; find a way to let your own voice in. That is what will bring about projects and recipes that will be loved. Projects that actually work for us. That is where true stability in this crazy blogging world, or really any artistic world, will be found.

See more of this fun Boxtroll language in the new Boxtroll movie, in theatres tomorrow… buy your tickets right here.

This post is done in promotional partnership with the Imagination Foundation and Focus. 

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