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9 Best Finger Knitting Tricks & Projects

Finger knitting is all the rage with my 9-year-old these days! I adore a craft that takes such little work on my part and brings such great results for the kids! We’ve decided to put all our tips, tricks and fun DIY finger knitting projects in this one post. Learn how to finger knit and find some easy projects the whole family can get started with.

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The best finger knitting projects. How to finger knit tips & tricks

I want to share my favorite yarns to use for all these projects. When I suggest yarn below – this is the best yarn to grab for your finger knitting projects:

How to finger knit 2 different ways

Before we get into all the fun tips and projects, here’s how to finger knit two different ways that will both be helpful to learn.

How to finger knit with 2 fingers and 4 fingers step by step instructionsHow to do 4 finger knitting

How to cast on to a four-finger knitting project.

  • Start by placing the yarn in between your thumb and palm-up hand. Bring the working yarn between your forefinger and your middle finger to the back of your hand.

Protip* It’s easier if the stitches are toward the tops of your fingers.

  • Bring the yarn from behind your middle finger to the front of your hand and over your ring finger.
  • Wrap the yarn around your pinky and head back in the other direction: go behind the ring finger, over the middle finger, and around the forefinger.
  • Repeat this step till you have 2 wraps around each finger.

Row 1: starting with your pinky finger, pick up the lower strand and bring it over the top strand and the top of your pinky. Repeat on your ring, middle and forefinger.

Row 2: rethread your yarn across the fingers. Bring the yarn around your forefinger and behind your middle finger, then over your ring finger and around your pinky and finally behind your ring finger and over your middle. Again, you should have two strands on each finger. Pull the lower strand over the top as described in row 1. Continue until you reach your desired length.

How to bind off a four-finger knitting project.

Cut the working yarn and bring the end through the pinky loop, ring finger loop, forefinger loop and finally middle finger loop. Remove the stitches and pull the end tight.

How to finger knit with 2 fingers for easy finger knitting for kids

Two-finger knitting works the same way as four-finger knitting, only you are wrapping over and under just two of your fingers: your forefinger and middle finger. This can be an easier process for the kids when they are just starting out.

How to cast on finger knitting step by step instructions 

Casting on: bring the working yarn around your middle finger, then behind and around your forefinger. Bring the yarn behind and around your middle finger. You should have two strands on each finger.

How to do the first-row finger knitting step by step instructions

Row 1: pull the bottom strand over the finger and toward the back of the hand.

Restrained the top row so there are two strands on each finger again. Repeat till you reach the desired length.

How to bind off finger knitting step by step instructions 

Bind off: to bind off, cut the working yarn and bring the end through your forefinger loop, then the middle finger loop. Remove the stitches from your fingers and pull the yarn tight to knot.

Finger knitting projects for kids. How to finger knit. Tips and tricks for finger knitting and 9 fun projects for kids to make.Finger knitting for kids

Like I said above, finger knitting is only on my radar in the first place because my daughter is obsessed with it and we’ve found it to be such a fun way for older kids and tweens to craft without all the mess of a project like making homemade slime. I’d pick finger knitting over slime any day of the week. :)

One of our favorite finger knitting projects for kids is the jump rope. This one is super easy and a whole lot of fun!

To make the jump rope finger knitting for kids project you will need these materials:

  • Thick yarn
  • Jump rope handles, new here or an old pair you find around the house
  • Spray paint (or other paint)

How to finger knit a kid’s jump rope

Step one: Leaving an 8” tail of yarn, finger knit a two-finger strand until the desired length of your jump rope is reached. Knot and leave another 8” tail. (See below for two-finger knitting instructions).

Step two: Spray paint old jump rope handles in a coordinating color. Let dry.

Step three: Thread the tail through the end of the jump rope handle. Knot the yarn several times till it’s bigger than the jump rope handle hole so it won’t slip out. Repeat knotting on the other end of the jump rope.

So much fun, right!

How to finger knit a rope rug for home

Now that you’ve got the rope idea down. We can easily move that into rope lines to create a rope rug for the house. Watch this video on connecting the rope strands to create a pretty rug in no time!

How to finger knit a scarf 3 easy ways

Next up in our finger knitting projects is a finger knitting a scarf. There are a bunch of different ways we can do this project. Here are 3 of my favorites.

How to finger knit a scarf 3 easy waysInfinity scarf finger kitting instructions 

First up is finger knitting an infinity scarf. This has to be one of the easiest projects with some ideas taking only an hour from start to finish! A great way to update our fall wardrobes in easy to make style.

How to finger knit a color block long winter scarf 

The next idea is a color block scarf that will keep you warm all winter long. Here is a pattern you can purchase and the exact details for this finger knitting project that will take a little longer but we so worth it in the end.

Finger knitting a multiple-layer scarf

This idea to create a scarf with multiple layers will inspire so many fun wardrobe combinations. Make one of these chain scarfs for yourself and others for gifts because everyone will want one of these beauties for themselves.

Finger knitting hats and headbands

Along with the scarfs, finger knitting hats and headbands are other easy to do accessories that you’ll love to make for the entire family.

Let’s start with this easy to style finger knit bow headband

Materials needed to create a finger knit hat & headband combo:

  • Headband
  • Yarn
  • Hot glue gun


Step one: Finger knit a four-finger strand for 12 rows. Bind off and weave in ends. (See above for the four-finger knitting instructions).

Step two: Place the strand in an S shape.

Step three: Fold each end under the middle section.

Step four: Cut a 12” piece of yarn and wrap the center making sure to catch each end in the back as you wrap. Pull tight and knot at the back. Trim ends.

Step five: Using coordinating yarn (or the same color) add a dab of hot glue to the end of the headband and begin wrapping the yarn around until you reach the other end. Hot glue and trim end.

Step six: Decide where you want the bow on your headband and hot glue in place. Wrap extra yarn around the center of the bow and headband to add extra stability.

How to finger knit a hat in under an hourFor the finger knit hat, you will follow the pattern right here to create your base and use the instructions above for adding the bow to your hat.

Or if you prefer to just buy one already made, this would be such a cute option to grab.

Finger knitting home projects

Using finger knitting for kids fun and easy accessories aren’t all it’s good for. You can also learn how to finger knit for creating some really fun home decor projects that will give a crafted feel to your space in no time.

And in case you have yarn leftover, here are a couple of yarn projects for the home you might want to try:

How to finger knit a giant monogram letter for homeHow to finger knit a giant monogram letter

This is a really fun project for a kids room, nursery of the lonely corner of a bookshelf. Make one large monogram fro the family name, or create a series of letters to spell out a child’s name. Such a sweet project idea for creating crafted home decor with a little finger knitting.

DIY finger knitting steps for home decorTo finger knit a giant monogram for the home you will need these materials:

  • Foam board or cardboard
  • Two similar colors of yarn
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Exacto knife or scissors

Instruction for finger knitting the monogram letters:

Step one: Draw out what letter you’d like to wrap in yarn and cut out. Set aside.

Step two: Finger knit at least 30 yards of a two-finger knit strand using both colors of yarn and bind off. (See two-finger knitting instructions above).

Step three: Hot glue the end to the top/starting point of your letter and begin wrapping. If you come to a part of the letter where you’ve reached an “end”, cut the yarn and hot glue in place. Be sure to tuck the raw end under the strand.

Step four: Hot glue the strand ends at your new starting point and continue wrapping.

Pro tip* The trick is to just make sure all ends are hidden behind wrapped strand pieces to look like one continuous strand of knit yarn was used.

Once all wrapped hang your letter up on the wall for an instant decor statement that is 100% homemade!

How to finger knit a blanket for home DIY cozy blanket How to finger knit a blanket

The last project we have for sharing at home is finger knitting a blanket. Taking the instructions above for the other home decor project, you can easily turn this into a square blanket in no time. All you need to do is to connect the strands instead of wrapping them around the monogram letter. Follow this video to see an easy way to connect your strands and make a finger knit blanket as easy as pie.

We got our instruction for finger knitting blankets from this great book, Knitting Without Needles. If you have a kid like mine who is obsessed with finger knitting, or if you’re loving it – this is an awesome starter book with lots more ideas and project inspiration.

If you’re looking for a giant chunky blanket to finger knit – this kit is one I LOVE that comes with everything you need.

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