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Finished Rooms For The Holidays

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.


Having the home of a flawless holiday host can be tricky at times. Going from standing room only cocktail parties, to cozy family connection nights can be confusing to the most seasoned hostess. It definitely takes a special balance to have all our rooms finished to hit those holiday notes with ease and style.

Our home goes from cozy family fun to holiday party hosting to guest room all throughout the year. Having our rooms completed in style and having enough furniture around helps me have what I need to meet all these hostessing options with ease.

It’s always right before hosting a party or holiday that I realize I so wish my rooms were more finished. When I’m short on time, but want my house to be set up well I’ve found the best solution…

I rent my furniture!

That’s right, you can rent furniture for finishing off your rooms and creating an instant home filled with style. It is a perfect solution for those last few spaces you’re just not sure what to do with. Having the huge leafed dining table of your dreams, or enough beds to have a spot for all the guests has never been easier.

It’s furniture on-demand (there exactly when you need it to finish off your space), and when we rent furniture it is so much less hassle than buying extra pieces or selling the ones we don’t love so much any longer.


For this year’s holiday gatherings, I had a chance to visit our local CORT store and was pleased to find from dining room chairs to extra beds they have all my unfinished rooms covered. They even have some decor objects, art and lighting to fill in the gaps our house needs without having to spend the entire home budget on new house accents.


To be prepared for a finished house by the holidays, start early and think through the house now. Is there a seat for every guest? Is there a corner of the room that looks unfinished? Get creative in your solutions and enjoy a home that is set to host all the holidays in style and has exactly the furniture you need to make everyone feel at home.

CORT Furniture Rental

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