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Flags for Christmas morning

Now that we have young children, I feel very strong about having solid family traditions. We’ve talked a lot this season about which holiday traditions we will incorporate into our celebrations. I wonder what some of your favorite Christmas traditions include? I would love for you to share.

One tradition we surely agree on is awaking Christmas morning to warm gooey cinnamon rolls! I took inspiration for my third Christmas shoot from this beloved tradition and styled a festive brunch table. Although I must wait a few more days before sharing the complete shoot, I wanted to give you a little download from it today, incase you might be able to use it for your own Christmas morning tradition.

A sweet celebratory flag to print off in any color you’d like, for dressing up your Christmas table and perhaps starting a new tradition- you can totally steal our cinnamon roll one, it’s okay;)

Download by clicking above, cut the flags and dab with a bit of glue to attach them to toothpicks. Pop into your brunch for a festive touch.


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  1. We are starting some traditions this year too, with our own 2 year old. :) We’re going to watch the original Grinch and a Charlie Brown Christmas on Christmas Eve and make mini cupcakes to celebrate Jesus’ birthday– then leave a couple of the cupcakes for Santa so he can celebrate too.

    Christmas morning we’ll get up and open stockings and then read one of my absolute favorite children’s Christmas books. I’ll blog and share after Christmas. :)

    Have a wonderful holiday, Victoria!

  2. I agree, the cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning sounds like an awesome tradition! One of my family’s traditions is to drive around our neighborhood and look at Christmas lights while playing our favorite cassette tape (which really should be upgraded to CD by now!) of carols on Christmas Eve. I look forward to it every year.

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