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How to make clouds for decoration –

Inside: How to make DIY clouds for decoration

These last few weeks have been filled with fun and adventure for me – I was flying home from L.A. on Tuesday and had the most wonderful thoughts while soaring through the clouds at dusk. The experience made all the little details of this job seem to disappear for a moment. After coming home I was thrilled to peak at my own soaring DIY clouds hanging in the dining room and it immediately made me remember the calm and encouraged feeling I had while 35,000 feet above the coast. Let us show you how to make clouds for decoration! 

How to make clouds for decorationDIY cloud


These DIY clouds are made with the simplest of materials and they give a calming effect to any room. I just love them! An easy project to tackle this weekend if you need a moment of calming rest. Here is how to make clouds for decoration!

How to making DIY floating clouds

How to make DIY clouds for decoration

Make your own set of clouds in under 5 minutes (my good friend Kat taught me how). Empty and clean a 2-liter soda bottle, or water bottle for smaller clouds. Thread a length of fishing wire through the center of the bottle first and tie off. Then use spray adhesive to stick a bunch of batting around the entire bottle. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or even hang evenly to give a pretty and restful vibe.

DIY floating clouds

I loved learning how to make clouds for decoration, they add such a fun and festive flair to any space!

Photography was done in collaboration with Pictilio for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. wooow this look awesome, pretty and cool, like a real cloud.
    Love it. I can watch the real clouds everyday when i’m laying on my couch and watch the sky. It’s like fairy tail that is showed outside all the changing figures you can see in the clouds and the movements. and it’s really true that the dutch clouds are huge and famous. I have never believed it was a true story, but now i live nearby the seashore i’m impressed.
    Sometimes for those days without clouds this project will be awesome to have hanged on the ceiling. so thank you for the sharing and the great tute!!!!;-D

  2. This was fabulously fun and just what I needed. As my daughter has asked Santa for a cloud!!! Now he can come through! I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning. :)

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