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Floating watermelon drinks

Floating watermelon drink

We are having the best week of vacation; mostly just relaxing at the pool and enjoying the beach. I saw this idea for floating watermelon recently and couldn’t wait to try it out. Drinking from a watermelon in the pool seemed like a perfect project for our spring break trip. And I am happy to report it totally works! You can tell our week away has been well spent. :)

Since a watermelon is less dense than water, it really does float! Science lesson of the day. The creative sip is a fun and fresh idea for gussying up a pool party or weekend get away.

To get the watermelon cup (bowl) to float, start by cutting the watermelon into thirds. You will use the top or bottom third to create your cup. The base needs to be wide enough to stay steady so choosing a wide, short watermelon will help with the concept.

Floating watermelon cocktail

Scoop out the insides with a melon baller and fill the watermelon bowl with a yummy drink. Watermelon soda is a great option, or try your hand at this fun homemade champagne. Use a straw and enjoy a refreshing, floating melon.

pineapple cup

And although we couldn’t quite get the pineapple to float, there is always room for it poolside. Make a pineapple cup by chopping one pineapple in half. Use a small pairing knife to clean out the insides and fill it with with a gorgeously sweet summer drink. Ahhh. I might just stay on by this pool forever!

(Photography ©Treasures & Travels/Stocksy United)


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