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Easy + Inexpensive Flower Arrangement Ideas – Look like a Pro!

Inside: Easy + Inexpensive Flower Arrangement Ideas – Look like a Pro!

It really is so easy to turn a boring bouquet into a gorgeous flower arrangement. With just a few simple steps you can turn any grocery store flower bunch into an eye-catching floral display! And that means you get to have pretty flowers more often, you save money, and you can impress all your friends with your skills! 

We are taking you step by step with the best and easiest flower arrangement ideas that will walk you through creating a show-stopping piece.

Easy + Inexpensive Flower Arrangement Ideas

First Steps to Building the Perfect Flower Arrangement Ideas

flowers in vase

Step 1: Choose a Container

The first step to creating your gorgeous flower arrangement is to choose a container. It is the foundation of your arrangement. There are so many different types of vases and containers you can use. 

I like to use medium height vases with a smaller opening at the top. Vases with larger openings tend to make the flowers spread out and you end up needed a ton of flowers to make your arrangement look full. By using vases with smaller openings, you can get a fuller-looking arrangement with fewer flowers.

I also like opaque vases because I think they look cleaner and more streamlined since the stems and water are hidden. 

PRO TIP: Put your vase on a lazy susan for easy moving during arranging! 


Step 2: Lay a Foundation

Before you start actually arranging flowers, you need to lay a foundation. This will help your flowers stay fresh and stay in place longer.

Start by filling your vase about ⅔ of the way full with water. Next, take the packet of plant food that comes with your flowers and pour it into the water.

After you add the water and plant food, it’s time to create a tape grid. Using any kind of tape, create a grid pattern over the opening of your vase. This grid will act as a foundation when you go to place your flowers in the vase. It helps to keep the flowers in the right place and stable while you are creating your arrangement.

Flower Arrangement Foundation Tips

Adding Greenery + Filler Flower Arrangement Ideas

Step 3: Use Filler Greens

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of greenery in my flower arrangements. I may or may not be a little obsessed with eucalyptus!? Floral greens add texture, interest, and most importantly density to bouquets. When you’re creating a flower arrangement, it’s essential that you start with filler greens.

Filler greens are any type of green, leafy floral stems that you can add to your arrangements. Some grocery store bouquets will come with one or two greenery stems. That’s a good start, but when you’re creating a professional-looking flower arrangement you’re going to want a lot more than that! I like to buy a small bundle of extra greens. 

Filler greens are the first florals that are going to go into your vase. First, grab a stem of greenery and hold it up to your vase. This will give you a good idea of how much of the stem will be in the water and how much will be above the vase opening.

Remove the leaves from the part of the stem that will be underwater. Next, place the greenery stems around the outside areas of your tape grid.

Continue until you have a nice base layer of greenery. The greenery is what will give your flower arrangement width and make it look fuller.

Step 4: Add Floral Fillers – Berries, Stems, + Smaller Flowers

Next, it’s time to start adding in the flowers. Take your grocery store bouquet and separate out the showstopper flowers from the supporting flowers. You’ll know which flowers are the showstoppers because they will be the most beautiful and eye-catching, but also the ones that you have the least number of stems of.

Once you’ve separated out the different types of flowers, use scissors to snip the ends of each stem. I like to cut the ends of the stems at an angle to maximize the amount of water that the flower can absorb.

Flower Arrangement Filler Ideas

After your flowers are prepared, start by placing the supporting flower stems. First, remove the leaves from the part of the stem that will be underwater. Then, start placing the supporting flowers in the different tape grid areas.

Bundle of Flowers

I started with a few in outside grid areas and then I added the rest towards the middle of the grid.

Final Flower Arrangement Ideas

Step 5: Finish with the Showstoppers

Finally, it’s time to add your showstopper flowers, the big pretty ones!  These are the flowers that are the most beautiful and will be noticed immediately when you look at your flower arrangement. Use the showstoppers to fill in any gap areas and to add interest to your flower arrangement.

Place the showstoppers in different tape grid areas. You may need to shorten the stems with scissors to get the showstopper flowers to fit exactly where you want them.

Focal Flowers in Arrangement

Once all of your showstopper flowers have been placed, step back and take a look at your bouquet. At this point, you can rearrange and move flowers as needed until you end up with an arrangement that you are happy with.

Then, you’re done! You’ve created a professional-looking flower arrangement for a fraction of the cost using store-bought flowers but you look like a pro! 

flower arrangement ideas

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