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Flower straws

Flower Straws

Flower straws! A completely last minute idea I thought up while hosting our recent crafting night. We had a stash of leftover blooms and a stack of straws that needed a little extra something. The combination ended up being my favorite detail of the entire party. Doesn’t that always happen? The easiest, simplest idea so often ends up being my favorite.

Using bright spring stems and jeweled hued wire brightens up the straws so much. It makes the flowers look like that perfect accessory the straws have always needed.

Flower Straws

Flower Straws

Floral Straws

To make the flowers straws you’ll need; straws, small bunches of flowers, and jewelry wire to attach. We placed the flowers alongside the straws about an inch or two down from the top to allow for drinking, then wrapped the wire right around the stems.

I would recommend creating this detail right before the party, although if you need to do it a few hours before, just place the straws on a baking sheet in the fridge until it’s party time – to prevent wilting.

Flowers on straws for a spring party detail.

Place the flower straws in glass bottles, line up in cups, or lay out in a line for a perfectly simple spring party detail your guests will adore!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).


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