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Flowers for your favorite co-worker who always has your back

With Valentine’s Day just a couple weeks away, the large bouquets have already begun popping onto the scene. While a bunch of red roses might be optimal for a wife, how do you make florals work for the rest of your list of likes? I am excited to be showcasing a bunch of easy and great ideas over the next couple weeks, for incorporating flowers into handmade gifts for everyone in your life.

Today, we start with a simple herb wreath for your co-workers… From the boss your trying to sweeten up, to your desk mate who always covers for you when you leave 15 minutes early. Show them you care in a grown up and wonderfully appropriate way. The herb wreath looks splendid on the backs of chairs, or tacked to a cork board, and can be taken home for dinner use later in the week.

To make this simple herb wreath for your favorite co-workers, you will need rustic floral wire, 40-50 herbs approx. 4-5” long (we used mostly rosemary with some sage), 3 flowers or succulents, green floral wire, and ribbon for hanging and a glue gun.

Step 1. Create a circle with your rustic floral wire and twist at ends to secure.

Step 2. Take 3-5 herb pieces and, using your green wire, secure to the circle once about 2 inches up from the bottom of the stems and also at the very bottom of the stems. Your herbs should be attached to the circle in two places.

Step 3. Secure another bunch of herb stems to the circle, making sure that the tops of this second bunch cover the wire attached to the first. Again, secure with green wire in two spots. Repeat with remaining herbs until the entire circle is covered. It’s OK if some wire is showing at the very top you’ll cover this with ribbon.

Step 4. Either using the green wire or your hot glue gun, attach your flowers or succulents to the wreath. You can cluster them together or spread them out around the wreath.

To secure with wire – take a long piece of green wire and fold in half.  Stick both ends of the wire through the top of your flower and pull through so that the folded part of the wire is just touching the top of the flower.  Do not pull it all the way through.  Wrap the ends of the wire around the wreath and cut any excess wire.

Step 5. Tie the ribbon to top of your wreath and display on the back of your co-worker’s office chair or on a cork board.

Floral styling for this series by Sweet Emilia Jane. Photography by Ashleigh Taylor under the creative direction of Victoria Hudgins for A Subtle Revelry.

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