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fond.of.u Valentine party

A night of reveling in love is the perfect reason to celebrate, even after yesterday’s holiday. Hosting a night of appetizer fondue with girlfriends is festive and easy party for any Friday night. Add in a few hearts and be ready for a spring bridal shower or engagement party. En masse sharing your fondness through fondue would make a sweet and affordable addition to a wedding reception.

For our afternoon party, fondue was taken out of it’s usual earthy bowls and placed in miniature portions on shallow glass plates. Pretty cocktail glasses became home to lighted candles and guests enjoyed warming their cheese as they dipped one of the many treats provided at leisure.

Tables were topped with pretty homemade felt and metallic garland, inspired by this fabulous photo. The garland was easy to make and perfect for fancying up a backyard. Presents wrapped in pink were pretty prizes for winning the game of being lovely.

Cheers in front of a sprayed heart backdrop + filling our stomachs with chocolate and treats made for a get together where fondness, friends and love ran strong.

Photos of the event taken by Jackie Wonders

See the rest of the party- favors, threaded napkins & games.


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    • Thanks!

      Jenn, just to let you know we a) made sure the fondue was nice and melted prior to the party starting, we kept reserves in an actual fondue bowl to refill as needed and b) the tea lights I used were from Ikea and about 50% bigger than normal craft store ones so I think the heavier flame helped!- good luck:)

  1. this is adorable!!
    but i have what could be a silly question…doesn’t setting the plates on top of the wine glasses put out the tealight? i imagine the plate creates a seal over the wine glass that suffocates the candle flame. is there a secret to this?

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