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FoodSaver FM2100 Review

Quick Overview






  • Affordable price
  • Quality & safety certified
  • Easy to use latch and lock operation
  • Built-in roll cutter
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Air-tight dual heat sealing stips
  • Removable drip tray
  • Has a moist and dry setting
  • Prevents freezer burn and is BPA free


  • Short 24” inch power cord
  • Storage bags can be a bit expensive

You never really think you need a vacuum sealer until you own one! These amazing machines can make storage of solid and liquid foods a simple and easy process. Most homeowners believe that these machines are expensive and unnecessary but on the contrary, the benefits of owning a vacuum sealer far exceed its cost.

To store food for increased shelf-life, the most effective and productive way is to use vacuum sealers. Using vacuum sealers, food can be stored in a raw, liquid or cooked form for up to three years without comprising on taste or texture.

The FoodSaver FM2100 is the perfect product to store food and keep it fresh and delicious for years if needed. It is very convenient to use and is a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

Is the FoodSaver FM2100 the answer to your food storage problems? It very well might be. Read more to know more!

FoodSaver FM2100 Vacuum Sealer Review

The FoodSaver brand is considered to be one of the best companies for manufacturing Home Vacuum Packaging Systems.

The Food Saver FM21000 vacuum sealer is practical and economical as it helps prevent food wastage. Its compact design and well-thought-out features make it durable, portable and easy to use.

Simply add the food you want to be packed in a vacuum-sealable bag. Place the open-sided end of the bag in the FoodSaver and close the latch bar. Press the heat seal button and let the machine take care of the rest.

Features like a built-in roll cutter that can help save bags, a removable drip tray, and manual latch and lock operation ensure long-lasting durability and use without the need for costly maintenance and upkeep.

The FoodSaver FM2100 is special and the perfect addition to any residential kitchen.

Who is FoodSaver FM2100 Sealer For?

FoodSaver Fm2100 is a product that can be used in all households as it effectively keeps all types of food fresh for long periods of time and protects food from freezer burns that can deteriorate the taste and texture of your food.

Vacuum sealers can help save a lot of money in the long-run. By storing food in your fridge or freezer in an organized manner, you tend to eat at home rather than ordering in as you always have tasty leftovers to feast on.

Vacuum sealers help you stay healthy as eating fresh food is the key to living a healthy lifestyle and essential for maintaining certain diets.

A vacuum sealer is also great for parents as it helps them easily pack lunches that kids can take with them to school.

If you love outdoor adventures and partake in weekend getaways, having a vacuum sealer in your kitchen can help you prep and organize food for the trip saving you both money and time.

Unboxing the FoodSaver FM2100

The FoodSaver FM2100 comes in a standard-sized rectangular box. Inside the box is the vacuum seal machine and the other attachments that come with it.

The attachments include an 11" x 10' vacuum seal roll, three 1-quart pre-cut vacuum seal bags, two 1-gallon pre-cut vacuum seal bags, and one accessory hose.



The FoodSaver FM2100 has a five-year limited warranty from the date of purchase which ensures long-lasting use and excellent coverage in case anything does go awry.

Custom-Sized Bag / Built-in Cutter

This unit includes a clever built-in roll cutter positioned in the machine so that the user can cut custom-sized bags as per their requirements.

This ensures less wastage of bag material which is better for the environment and also helps save money in the long-run.

Dual Heat Sealing Strips 

This new FoodSaver model has dual heat sealing strips that guarantee an airtight and impermeable seal that will not air or fluid to pass through.

The airtight seal is what prevents food from turning bad or rotten.

Increased Shelf-life 

Because the FM2100 sucks out the air before heat sealing your vacuum bag, it ensures a much longer shelf-life.

For some types of food, vacuum sealers can help extend their shelf-life by up to 3 years without comprising its freshness and flavor as compared to other more conventional storage methods.

It also protects food from freezer burn and the bags take up less space than plastic containers.

Versatile & Practical 

The FM2100 can be used to vacuum seal both liquids as well as solids.

It also offers much in terms of practicality. The compact design and manual operation ensure more control over packaging and unmatched durability and reliability.


Additional attachments (bought separately) such as the handheld sealer, Foodsaver zipper bags, and containers can all be combined to produce the best food storage results.

How to Use the FM2100

The FoodSaver FM2100 comes with a step by step guide on how to use the vacuum sealer for optimal performance.

  1. Cut the size of the bag you need using the built-in roll cutter
  2. Place your food into the bag
  3. Place the bag into the vacuum sealing channel.
  4. Close the latch bar to hold the bag in place.
  5. Press Vacuum/Seal button to start vacuum sealing


Despite the many features, durability, and convenience that the FoodSaver FM2100 provides there are alternatives available in the market that are smaller or larger depending on your home packaging needs. The FoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine is an excellent alternative as it has a more ergonomic design and clever features that make light work of your food storing needs.


We hope that our FoodSaver FM2100 Review was comprehensive to help you better decide on a suitable vacuum sealer for your food packaging and storing needs. The FoodSaver FM2100 is an affordable, long-lasting, versatile and smart choice that helps fulfill most food storage requirements.

Its relatively compact and sleek design makes it look classy on any kitchen counter and most important of all it offers excellent air-tight sealing that ensures long-lasting homemade food.

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