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fort building 101

The evening sun in the dessert is both brutal and beautiful. We’ve been taking advantage of its warmth this season with late walks, extended bedtimes and fort building.

One of my parenting goals is to teach my kids to celebrate, not just the big momentous occasions, but even a randomly beautiful Tuesday night in July. Constructing simple summer forts together is a really great way to create these everyday summer memories.

It is easiest to build the fort structure at home and fold it up for evening adventures. Or set up camp in your backyard! This fort is made using sheer tabbed curtains and large wooden dowels, you can find them in craft sections everywhere. To make the fort; first connect the dowels together tee-pee style with thick craft twine.

Thread the curtains onto a skinny dowel and attach with twine the standing fort structure. From here you can fold up and travel easily. Hanging a simple fixture and laying a bright blanket down will give you a bit of summer glamping style. Enjoy the late evening sun and the memories of celebrating this season together.

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