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Our party font series has been one of our most popular and longest running series on the blog (see the entire series right here). As much as I try, I can’t seem to stop sharing them. It’s a good thing too – because the awesome font creators of the Internet continue to create new free and fabulous fonts all the time. Thanks Internet! Think of this list as a party font update. Party fonts 3.0 – a fresh and even more fabulous roundup of our favorite fonts for birthday cards, blog posts and creative projects of all kinds. All the links listed below…

Is this for a business? Laws can be tricky when you’re using fonts for business purposes. To stay safe, I recommend going with one of these great fonts from font bundles. *And psst aspiring bloggers, I have a free ebook about how to make your first 1k with your blog! Get it here!

Free & Fabulous Party Fonts

1. Leckerli One, by Gesine Todt | 2. Bentham, by Reading Type | 3. Theano Modern, by Alexey Kryukov | 4. Almonte, by Typodermic Fonts Inc. | 5. Sevillana, by Brownfox | 6. Breamcatcher, by Typodermic Fonts Inc | 7. Thirsty Script ExtraBold, by Yellow Design Studio (personal use only) | 8. Cherry Swash, by Natalia Kasatkina | 9. Baltar, by Typodermic Fonts Inc. | 10. Nexa Rust, by Fontfabric | 11. Geotica, by exljbris | 12. Le Havre Layers, by Insigne Design | 13. Pecita, by Phillip Cochy | 14. Myra 4F, by 4th February | 15. Budmo, by Typodermic Fonts Inc. | 16. Landliebe, by Richard Mitchell | 17. Abberancy, by Typodermic Fonts Inc. | 18. Rochester, by Slideshow | 19. Euphoria Script, by Type Senses | 20. Disco, by Typografski | 21. Mavblis, by AgaSilva (personal use only) | 22. Copse, by Dan Rhatigan | 23. Lemon Chicken, by Crack-A-Jack Studios | 24. Deftone Stylus, by Typodermic Fonts Inc. | 25. (title) Attentica 4F, by 4th February

(Graphic print © A Subtle Revelry by Alli Michelle)

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