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25 Fresh Free Fonts for 2024

A new year is just around the corner. I am so looking forward to 2019! There’s something about a clean slate, a fresh start that just draws me in. I can’t wait to share with you all of the fun things we have planned for the year ahead, so in celebration, I’m showing you my top 25 free fonts for 2019.

The best free fonts for 2019

Where to find these fonts for free

These free fonts are everything you need for invitations, designs and all the digital fun in 2019. I’m so excited to use them for all of my creative projects this coming year. Hope you love them as much as I do!

All fonts found here:  FRESH:  Shoelace Scrawl  |  BEGINNING:  Jean Jingga  |  AMBITION:  Argon  |  DREAM:  Featrisse  |  GOAL:  Melonade  |  STRIVE:  Matchstick  |  JOURNEY:  Sugar Script  |  AIM:  Balqis  |  SEEK:  Naira Script  |  KICKOFF:  Hello Mozza  |  ASPIRE:  Athene  |  PLAN:  Lindale  |  EMBARK:  Champagne & Limousines  |  IMAGINE:  Billie Harley  |  NEW:  Sugar and Spice HandSans  |  ENDEAVOR:  Russell  |  PURSUIT:  Coves  |  FOCUS:  Antre  |  EMBRACE:  Boulevard  |  CHANGE:  Badhead   |  INTENTION:  Montclar  |  START:  Pride  |  REACH:  Nickainley  |  IDEA:  Tatima  |  THINK:  Remember

Isn’t it awesome that you can find so many free fonts that are clean and bright online?!

How to find your own free fonts online

I love creating font collections for you guys, but if you ever wanted to take the plunge yourself, it’s honestly so simple. Google is a great resource as is Pinterest. Just search “free fonts” and there are so many great sites that come up.

Or you can search our font category where we’ve done all that searching work for you, with the multiple posts we have for font collections of all types. Here are a few favorites:

I also have a font site that I love that will send a different free font every month just to try. Head on over to font bundles and check out their fun selection as you search. If you find one you really like, follow the artist who designed it; chances are you’ll like some of their other fonts too.

It’s also fun to organize fonts by category if you’re big on creating stuff like me. I like to group similar fonts together…ones that reflect our brand, others that I plan to use for party invites, or cards for special occasions.

There are so many pretty + free fonts for the finding! Share with me your favorites from this list and how you plan to use them.

Graphic @asubtlerevelry created by Jessica Harper. 

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