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french fries, frozen custard & champagne

French fries, Custard + Champagne. Best party idea ever!

Do you ever get a party idea in your head and it just won’t go away? I was sitting around with some girlfriends a few months ago and craving that sweet + salt taste. Because I’m a girl, and that happens. I blurted out… “wouldn’t it be perfect to have a french fry and ice cream party?” We could drink Champagne and eat french fries all night long! We all quickly agreed that it was actually the best party idea. Ever.

So I am doing it – for our 4th of July girls night! Champagne, french fries and Dreyer’s new frozen custard. Tell me that’s not the best way to celebrate any night with the girls. The best way to preview the fireworks and taste the sweet joy of freedom.

French fry + champagne party

French fry, custard + champagne party

The party set is pretty easy to pull off as well. You can make your own fries (here is a great recipe) or pick them up from a favorite spot in town. Be sure to grab the fries just before the party starts and keep them warmed in the oven, or better yet – have them delivered hot and right on time. Serve the fries in cute wooden baskets.

Pour the champagne and serve everyone a mini cone of custard… because we all know how good dipping those hot salty fries into the frozen custard is going to taste. This year, let someone else handle the BBQ and serve this fun all American combo instead.

French fry party for girls night. YES!

Frozen custard - ice creams creamier cousin

What are your fun party plans for the 4th of July? I’d love to know. If you share any party idea with me in the comments of this post or on Instagram you can win a frozen custard party gift pack! It includes coupons to redeem for free Dreyer’s/EDY’S® Frozen Custard, ice cream scoops, bowls and spoons – everything (but the fries) you need for your own Frozen Custard party.

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French fry party

dreyers-imageDreyer’s/EDY’S® is the first brand to bring the beloved taste of frozen custard into our homes. It really is as creamy and good as you remember from your favorite custard stand – I like to think of it as ice creams creamier cousin.

Although, I am partial to the Old Fashioned Vanilla flavor matched with the hot french fries. There are also 5 other flavors to try out Chocolate Malt, Salted Caramel Pretzel, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Pie, Mint Cookies ’N Cream. If you’re sweet tooth is ready it would be fun to try them all and have everyone vote which flavors pair best with the french fries. Find all the flavors in the freezer section of your favorite store, or locate your closest place to purchase custard right here.


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  1. I would make an brownie sweetie pie. Brownies layered with frozen custard and crumpled brownies next. Hot fudge sauce and top it all with whipped cream. Yum

  2. I love the idea of an ice cream bar. So fun. My favorite treat for the 4th of July celebration is a Hula pie – oreo crust, coconut ice cream topped with fudge sauce and macadamia nuts. Yum!

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